What else has Thomas Gibson played in?

What else has Thomas Gibson played in?


  • Known For. Dharma & Greg Greg Montgomery (1997-2002)
  • Criminal Minds Aaron Hotchner (2005-2020)
  • Far and Away Stephen Chase (1992)
  • Chicago Hope Dr. Daniel Nyland / Father Daniel Nyland (1994-1998)
  • Actor.
  • Axis Joseph (2017)
  • Criminal Minds Aaron Hotchner (2005-2016)
  • Hot in Cleveland Tom (2015)

Does Thomas Gibson have a cameo?

Thomas Gibson, best-known for his role on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, has finally joined Cameo! The actor is available to book for personalized messages of your choosing, either for yourself or someone else.

Where is Thomas Gibson today?

Thomas Gibson hasn’t acted much since leaving Criminal Minds In 1997, he took on leading man duties in the sitcom “Dharma and Greg,” playing a straight-laced lawyer who marries a free-spirited yoga instructor (Jenna Elfman).

What nationality is Thomas Gibson?

Thomas Gibson/Nationality

Are Mel Gibson and Thomas Gibson related?

Mel Gibson, Thomas Gibson’s Father When he was young, Gibson was more interested in singing than acting. This is despite his father, Mel Gibson being one of the most famous actors of all time.

How do I contact Thomas Gibson?

Thomas Gibson Agent and Management Contact Details @(thomasgibsonofficial)

  1. Direct Tel: +1 310.
  2. Direct Email: aadle.
  3. Company Tel: 310-40.
  4. Website: www.te.

Was Hotch in the last episode of Criminal Minds?

‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Surprised by Thomas Gibson’s Hotch Appearing in Series Finale. While he was around since the first episode, Gibson ended up having a tumultuous parting with the long-running series. Back in 2016, he got into an on-set altercation with a writer/producer.

How much does Thomas Gibson make per episode?

His salary from the show increased to $200,000 from $100,000 per episode.

Is Thomas Gibson Irish?

Gibson was born in Charleston, South Carolina to Charles M. “Mac” and Beth Gibson. His mother was a social worker, and his father was a lawyer and liberal Democrat who served in the South Carolina state Senate and House. He is Catholic.

How tall is Reid from Criminal Minds?

6 ft 1 in

Matthew Gray Gubler
Occupation Actor filmmaker painter author illustrator model
Years active 2004–present
Height 185 cm (6 ft 1 in)
Website matthewgraygubler.com


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