What does Yo-kai evolve into?

What does Yo-kai evolve into?

This is known as Yo-kai Evolution. Only 15 Yo-kai can evolve….Yo-kai Evolution.

Pre-evolved Level Evolved
Walkappa 32 Appak
Komasan 35 Komane
Komajiro 35 Komiger
Hungramps 22 Hungorge

What Yo-kai can be fused?

Yo-kai Fusions

Dulluma + Darumacho
Manjimutt + Multimutt
Jibanyan + Baddinyan
Jibanyan + Thornyan
Helmsman + Reuknight

What Yo-kai Can you fuse with Jibanyan?

Fusing with Roughraff will make Jibanyan transform into Baddinyan, giving him a more rebellious look while fusion with Coughkoff turns him into Thornyan which makes him spiky and feeling sickly. Jibanyan can also fuse into Buchinyan by coming into contact Whisper, combining both of their powers.

Who does Hungramps fuse with?

In Yo-kai Watch, Hungramps evolves into Hungorge starting at Level 22. As of Yo-kai Watch 2, he instead evolves into Hungorge when fused with a Love-Packed Rice Ball, and in Yo-kai Watch 3, can evolves into Supersize Gramps when fused with Starry Spangles.

What level does Lodo evolve?

Base Stats As of Yo-kai Watch 2, Lodo evolves into Supoor Hero starting at level 28.

How do you get the unbeatable soul in Yo-kai Watch?

Fuse Rhinoggin with an Unbeatable Soul, which can be obtained post-game by trading two rare Anglerfish and three rare Rhino Beetles at Jungle Hunter. Afterwards, more Unbeatable Souls can be found in Terror Time chests.

What can you fuse Hissfit with?

Hissfit can be fused with a Raging Blade to evolve into Zerberker.

Will Jibanyan be in Smash?

Jibanyan is the mascot of the Yo-kai Watch series. He is a DLC character of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U.

What Yo-kai is Komasan?

Komasan (コマさん) is a Rare, Pretty Class, Fire-attribute Yo-Kai ranked D; he is an ice cream-loving Yo-kai from the countryside. After his shrine was demolished, he wandered into the city in search of soft serve ice cream.

What yokai is Wazzat based on?

Wazzat being originally a discarded hat references the tsukumogami, a species of yo-kai that are born from inanimate objects (hats, mirrors, scissors, etc.) that have been discarded and later gained sentience after a set amount of time.

What level does Peckpocket evolve?

Peckpocket (Japanese: ヨコドリ, Yokodori) is a Rank E Drain-attribute Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe. As of Yo-kai Watch 2, Peckpocket evolves into Robbinyu starting at level 23.

How do I get more Yo-kai to evolve?

To get past this ceiling, some Yo-kai can become stronger through evolution or fusion. And just like in the original Yo-Kai Watch, Y o-Kai Watch 2 allows for evolution and fusion to help create your ultimate team of Yo-kai. With the addition of more Yo-kai, Yo-Kai Watch 2 has even more fusion and evolution possibilities than ever before.

What is a fusion Yo-kai?

Fusion (Japanese: 合成 Gōsei) is a process that combines two Yo-kai, two items, or an item and a Yo-kai, to create a piece of equipment /stronger and evolved Yo-kai for the player to use.

Can you Fuse Yo-kai in Yo-kai Watch 2?

There’s also a special item called the Wicked Parts that can fuse with a number of different Yo-kai so be on the lookout for that. Here’s a list of Yo-kai that can evolve with the corresponding levels and the different fusions that can happen in Yo-Kai Watch 2.

How much stronger can Yo-kai get?

However, every Yo-kai has a ceiling to how much stronger they can become. To get past this ceiling, some Yo-kai can become stronger through evolution or fusion.

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