What does Yersinia pestis bacteria look like?

What does Yersinia pestis bacteria look like?

Curved, straight or bean-shaped: bacilli come in many variants and are widely spread. Yersinia pestis is a facultative anaerobic, Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium of the Enterobacteriaceae family. It is the pathogen of Black Death (zoonosis).

What color is Yersinia pestis?

Yersinia pestis — Colony Characteristics Growth at 24 hours is tiny, almost invisible, shiny gray, translucent “spots.” At 48 to 72 hours, colonies are 1 to 2 mm irregular, gray-white to slightly yellow in color, and have a raised, irregular, “fried egg” appearance, which become prominent as the culture ages.

What does Black Death look like?

Bubonic plague causes fever, fatigue, shivering, vomiting, headaches, giddiness, intolerance to light, pain in the back and limbs, sleeplessness, apathy, and delirium. It also causes buboes: one or more of the lymph nodes become tender and swollen, usually in the groin or armpits.

Is Yersinia pestis archaebacteria or eubacteria?

Yersinia pestis is a eubacteria. Eubacteria are the true bacteria whereas archaebacteria are prokaryotic organisms which had a distinct evolutionary…

Is Yersinia pestis autotrophic or heterotrophic?

pestis is a chemoheterotroph, meaning that it must consume organic molecules for energy and carbon.

What is another name for Yersinia pestis?

bacillus Pasteurella pestis (now called Yersinia pestis; renamed after French bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin, who independently discovered the plague bacillus during the Hong Kong epidemic).

What is Yersinia pestis common name?

Identification: Yersinia pestis, or plague, is a zoonotic bacterial infection transmitted by way of the flea parasite.

How painful was the Black Death?

It killed at least a third of the population, more than 25 million people. Victims first suffered pain, fever and boils, then swollen lymph nodes and blotches on the skin. After that they vomited blood and died within three days. The survivors called it the Great Pestilence.

Was bubonic plague a virus?

What is the bubonic plague? Plague is an infectious disease caused by a specific type of bacterium called Yersinia pestis. Y. pestis can affect humans and animals and is spread mainly by fleas.

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