What does Yeats say about old age?

What does Yeats say about old age?

Yeats regarded old age as an enemy, but death represented a menace of greater proportions.

What is the mood of the poem When You are Old?

“When You are Old” by Yeats is a short lyric poem reflecting on the long-term effect of a lost love. Yeats was never able to move past his ultimate rejection by lover Maud Gonne. The tone here is melancholy and a bit cautionary, perhaps warning his former love that she might regret her decision late in life.

When You are Old last stanza meaning?

Many see this poem as highlighting the unrequited love between the speaker, presumably Yeats, and his former lover. In the final stanza, the speaker tells his former lover that she should remember that this love did not last, and she should be filled with regret because of it.

When You are Old pilgrim soul meaning?

A pilgrim is a traveller. Soul in this case means mind or personality. A pilgrim soul might mean a part of you that wants to travel, or it may mean that your personality changes over time. There is one man who loves that part of you.

What was Yeats illness?

“WB Yeats for example did very poorly at school. He failed to get into Trinity College and was described by his teachers as ‘pedestrian and demoralised’. His parents were told he would never amount to anything”, This is typical of people with Asperger’s syndrome.

What is Yeats solution to the agony of old age?

Yeats’s solution is to leave the country of the young and travel to Byzantium, where the sages in the city’s famous gold mosaics could become the “singing-masters” of his soul.

What image does the poet use in the poem When You are Old?

The poet uses following images in the poem: grey hair, full of sleep, nodding by the fire, deep shadows of eyes, sorrow of changing face, glowing bars etc.

How does the speaker explain that he is different from others in When You are Old?

How does the speaker distinguish/contrast his love from/with that of the others? Answer: He says that he loved her inner beauty and even the fading away of her youth and beauty. The phrase ‘how many’ in the first line (second stanza) stands in contrast to ‘But one man’, in the third line (second stanza).

When You are Old is a poem of contrasts explain?

‘The sorrows’ indicate passion or strong emotion is seen in young people and ‘little sadly’ reflects the listlessness of old people. There is a contrast between the ‘beauty and elegance’ sans her soul sought after by the suitors and the ‘pilgrim soul’ in the same lady cherished by the speaker.

What then WB Yeats?

‘What then?’ The work is done,’ grown old he thought, ‘According to my boyish plan; Let the fools rage, I swerved in naught, Something to perfection brought’; But louder sang that ghost, ‘What then?’

Whose love is When You are Old is true and intense explain?

He wants to assure her that only his love will be stable and if she ignores him and makes a wrong decision she will regret it later. Thus the speaker tries to persuade his lover to make the right decision and receive his love, which is true and intense.

When You are Old by WB Yeats questions and answers?

When You Are Old Questions & Answers

  • Question 1: How is the journey from youth to old age described in the poem?
  • Question 2: What does the phrase ‘full of sleep’ mean?
  • Question 3: According to the speaker, what will the woman regret in her old age?

What type of poem is when you are old by Yeats?

In summary, ‘When You Are Old’ is a lyric poem in which Yeats – or, perhaps more accurately, the speaker of the poem, who could or could not be Yeats himself – addresses a woman he loves.

When you are old by William Butler Yeats is addressed to?

When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats William Butler Yeats’ poem ‘When You Are Old’ is directly addressed to his lover, most probably Maud Gonne who was an Irish revolutionary. While W.B. Yeats did write political poems, this poem, ‘When You Are Old’ is not one of them.

When should she read the poem when she is old and gray?

Not only should she read the poem when she is “old and grey and full of sleep,” but also when she is “nodding by the fire,” according to the second line. Moreover, the speaker is addressing his lover, asking her to think about her future, when she is “old and gray”.

What is the structure of when you are old by Yeats?

Breakdown Analysis of When You Are Old. When You Are Old is comprised of three stanzas, each containing four lines. The rhyme scheme is very distinct and steady; the first stanza is a b b a; the second is c d d c; the third is e f f e. Additionally, Yeats wrote the poem in iambic pentameter. This, coupled with the steady rhyme scheme, lends a

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