What does the word verger mean?

What does the word verger mean?

Definition of verger 1 chiefly British : an attendant that carries a verge (as before a bishop or justice) 2 : a church official who keeps order during services or serves as an usher or a sacristan.

Where does the word verger come from?

The word verger comes from the ceremonial staff or rod that the verger carries during these processions — in Old French, a verge is a “twig, branch, or wand of office.” The word stems from the Latin virga, “shoot, rod, or slender stick.”

What do you mean by vestry?

: a small room in a church where a priest dresses for the services and where holy items used during services are kept.

Who is the verger in the lesson?

2. Who is the verger in the lesson? Ans. Albert Edward Foreman is the verger in the lesson.

At what age did the verger begin working?

Ans: The verger begin working when he was twelve, 5. What did the verger want to buy while walking in the street? Ans: The verger wanted to buy a cigarette while walking in the street.

What does a verger do UK?

A verger (or virger, so called after the staff of the office) is a person, usually a layperson, who assists in the ordering of religious services, particularly in Anglican churches.

What is the difference between a church warden and a verger?

As nouns the difference between verger and churchwarden is that verger is one who carries a verge, or emblem of office while churchwarden is (british) a lay officer of the church of england who handles the secular affairs of the parish.

What is a choir vestry?

A vestry was a committee for the local secular and ecclesiastical government for a parish in England and Wales, which originally met in the vestry or sacristy of the parish church, and consequently became known colloquially as the “vestry”.

What is vestry in Anglican Church?

vestry in American English a room in a church or church building for prayer meetings, Sunday school, etc. 3. Anglican Church and Episcopal Church. a group of church members who manage the temporal affairs of the church.

What is the role of a verger?

Historically, vergers were responsible for the order and upkeep of a house of worship, including the care of the church buildings, its furnishings, and sacred relics, preparations for liturgy, conduct of the laity, and grave-digging responsibilities. The symbol of a guild of cathedral vergers is the crossed keys.

How did verger regard his official dress?

Ans: On the Verger regarded his official dress as the dignified symbol of his office. Without it he had the sensation of being somewhat insufficiently clad.

Why was verger dismissed from the church?

He has been a verger in St. Peter’s Neville Square Church, doing his duties with great enjoyment and dedication. The new vicar dismisses the verger for being illiterate. When the manager asks in surprise if he were a literate what would be his position.

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