What does take dictation mean?

What does take dictation mean?

: to write down the words that someone says so that they can be used in a letter, report, etc. Her secretary’s very good at taking dictation.

What are dictation sentences?

Dictation is the process of writing down what someone else has said. Teachers can use dictation sentences to model speech that can be written down by students and then read back. This tool allows students to concentrate on the writing process without having to compose something original.

How do I use Siri voice to text?

Composing a text

  1. Press and hold the Home button. Wait for the short chime and begin speaking.
  2. Say the word “Text” and then the name of the person you want to send a text message to.
  3. In response to Siri’s prompt (“What do you want your message to say?”), dictate your text message.
  4. Say “Yes” or “Send” to send the message.

Can Siri take dictation?

Siri may be the quickest way to dictate a quick set of thoughts without fumbling with other apps, but if you do not use the Siri assistant, you can turn on the Dictation tool in the iPhone’s Settings app. Android users have many of the same tools available for dictation and transcription.

How do you ask Siri to type?

Option 2: Use dictation

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to General > Accessibility > Siri.
  3. Enable the toggle at the top of the screen that reads Type to Siri.
  4. Trigger Siri by holding down the Home button.
  5. Tap the Dictation button on your keyboard to dictate your query.

What do you call someone who takes dictation?

An amanuensis is someone who is good at taking notes when someone else is talking, like a secretary. In Latin, the word amanuensis literally means “a servant from the hand.” The word generally refers to a person who is skilled at taking dictation. A stenographer is an amanuensis.

What is a synonym for dictation?

dictation. Synonyms: imperative, imperious, domineering, arbitrary. Antonyms: condescending, affable, indulgent, modest, unassuming, suppliant, supplicatory, precatory, persuasive, insinuating.

How do you write in dictation?

To dictate, press the microphone on the top right hand of the keyboard and start talking. As you talk, the app will convert your words to text. Watch the screen as you speak, to make sure that it is keeping up with you.

How does Apple dictation work?

With keyboard dictation, you can dictate text anywhere you can type it. Turn it on in the Dictation pane of Keyboard preferences—your dictated utterances are sent to Apple to process your requests. A feedback window gauges your speaking volume and provides basic dictation controls.

Is Apple dictation safe?

When you use the keyboard dictation feature on your computer, the things you dictate will be recorded and sent to Apple to convert what you say into text. Your User Data is not linked to other data that Apple may have from your use of other Apple services.

Why is Dictation not working on iPhone?

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Scroll to the bottom to Enable Dictation. If it is already enabled, toggle it off and then restart your iPhone. Once it is powered back on, go back into your settings and toggle Dictation back on and test to see if the issue remains.

What does dictate mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to utter words to be transcribed : to give dictation dictate for the stenographer. 2 : to speak or act domineeringly : prescribe resents being dictated to. transitive verb. 1 : to speak or read for a person to transcribe or for a machine to record dictating a letter to her secretary.

How do I get Siri to take dictation?

You can trigger dictation by using the “Hey Siri” voice command or by tapping the microphone icon at the bottom right of your device’s keyboard when it is active. If you specify a specific task that involved a particular app, Siri will automatically ask you what you want to say without the need to mention dictation.

How do I use dictation on my iPhone?

Use Dictation on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. To enter text, tap the microphone button on your keyboard, then start speaking.
  2. If dictation isn’t sure what word it heard, you’ll see a blue line under the transcribed word so you can check it for accuracy.
  3. To replace a section, select what you want to replace, then tap the microphone button and speak again.

What is the best dictation app for iPhone?

Best Apps for Voice to Text Transcription on iPhone and iPad in 2021

  • Evernote.
  • Just Press Record.
  • Dragon Anywhere.
  • Call Recording by NoNotes.
  • Day One Journal.
  • Transcribe – Speech to Text.

Do you take dictation?

To use voice dictation on Android, open any app and bring up a keyboard by tapping in a text field you want to type in. Tap the microphone icon at the bottom-left corner of your keyboard. Just start speaking to use voice dictation. Android will insert the words as you speak them.

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