What does Sudafed contain?

What does Sudafed contain?

SUDAFED® Active Ingredients If you’re using a SUDAFED® product, you can enjoy the advantages of one of three active ingredients: Pseudoephedrine, Phenylephrine or Xylometazoline. These active ingredients are designed to tackle congestion.

What’s in Sudafed decongestant?

SUDAFED® Sinus and Nasal Decongestant tablets contain 60 mg of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride as the active ingredient….SUDAFED® Sinus and Nasal Decongestant tablets also contain the following inactive ingredients:

  • lactose.
  • magnesium stearate.
  • povidone.
  • maize starch.

What is the strongest decongestant?

Our picks

  • Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs.
  • Best OTC sinus decongestant for a headache. Advil Sinus Congestion and Pain.
  • Afrin No-Drip Severe Congestion.
  • Little Remedies Decongestant Nose Drops.
  • Sudafed PE Day and Night Sinus Pressure Tablets.
  • Cabinet Nasal Decongestant Tablets.
  • Mucinex Nightshift Cold and Flu Liquid.

Why does pseudoephedrine make you feel good?

Pseudoephedrine belongs to a group of medicines that act as decongestants by constricting small blood vessels in the nasal passages. Thus, less inflammation and congestion as the sinus tissue settles down a bit. It may improve thinking by improving breathing and sleep.

What is the active ingredient in a decongestant?

The active ingredient in most decongestants is either phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine.

What drug contains pseudoephedrine?

Common brands containing pseudoephedrine:

  • Advil. ®
  • Alavert. ®
  • Aleve. ®
  • Claritin. ®
  • Mucinex. ®
  • Sudafed. ®
  • Triaminic. ®
  • TYLENOL. ®

What is the active ingredient in decongestant?

What Sudafed contains pseudoephedrine?

Yes, Sudafed PE is different from Sudafed. Sudafed contains the active ingredient Pseudoephedrine, while the active ingredient in Sudafed PE is Phenylephrine.

What’s better Sudafed or Sudafed PE?

Most patients and healthcare providers will agree that Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) is more effective for congestion than its counterpart Sudafed PE (phenylephrine). This is likely due to the fact that the intestines will absorb only about 38% of the amount of Sudafed PE in one tablet, while Sudafed is 100% absorbed.

What is the number one decongestant?

Oral Decongestants

Medications Percentage of Pharmacists’ Votes
#1 Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) Most Pharmacist Votes 55%
#2 Claritin-D 13%
#3 Allegra-D 9%
#4 Sudafed PE (phenylephrine) 8%

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