What does Step 8 mean in AA?

What does Step 8 mean in AA?

The eighth step involves making amends with others who may have been harmed by your alcohol or drug use. This step is a chance to grow and improve your relationships with your friends and loved ones—which will only help you going forward in your recovery. The goal of this step is to end isolation from others.

What are the spiritual principles of step 8?

Spiritual principles abound in Step 8. Forgiveness, honesty, courage, willingness, accountability, humility and compassion are some of the biggies. By listing who we believe we have harmed, we are holding ourselves accountable. By admitting we are human and have made mistakes, we develop compassion for ourselves.

Why is Step 8 SO HARD?

For many Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) participants, step 8 is the most difficult. This is because it’s the point in the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in which you make a list of the people you’ve caused harm to because of your drinking.

What is the 8th step prayer?

Eighth Step Prayer I ask Your help in making my list of all those I have harmed. Be forgiving to others as You are forgiving to me. Grant me the willingness to begin my restitution. This I pray.

How do you do step 8?

What Are Some Tips for Completing This Step?

  1. Don’t minimize your faults and failures by focusing on the faults of others.
  2. Realize that you hurt others as well as yourself with your drinking.
  3. Look beyond your obvious defects and do a thorough examination of your flaws.
  4. Avoid judgments of others.

What is the difference between apologizing and making amends?

Think of amends as actions taken that demonstrate your new way of life in recovery, whereas apologies are basically words. When you make amends, you acknowledge and align your values to your actions by admitting wrongdoing and then living by your principles.

How do you complete step 8?

How Do You Complete Alcoholics Anonymous Step 8?

  1. Discover how many people you have hurt and how you’ve hurt them.
  2. Make a list of everyone you’ve harmed. Also, pay attention to what you discover about yourself and your problems along the way.
  3. Don’t be defensive and blame people for how they’ve treated you.

How do I make amends to someone?

You just need to show true remorse for what you’ve done.

  1. Lower Your Pride.
  2. Avoid Making Excuses.
  3. Listen to Their Side of the Story.
  4. Put Yourself in the Other Person’s Shoes.
  5. Ask How You Can Make Things Right.
  6. Give The Other Person Time and Space to Process Your Apology.
  7. Give Them Time to Heal.
  8. Keep to Your Purpose.

What page is Step 8 in the big book?

Step 8 Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. This Step is described on page 76:3. The directions for taking Step 8 are also there.

What is the sick man’s prayer?

Sick Man’s Prayer God, when a person offends me, help me to remember this is a sick person. Help me show the same tolerance, pity, and patience that we would cheerfully grant a sick friend. Show me how can I help them. Save me from being angry.

What page is the 8th step prayer on?

page 76
8th Step Prayer—page 76 God, I ask for the willingness to make amends for the damage I have done in the past.

What does amends mean in AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) first implemented the concept of “making amends” for people in recovery as a means by which to “amend behavior.” In many situations, a sincere apology may be all another person requires to believe you want to regain trust in a relationship and you understand what they went through.

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