What does station mean in medical terms?

What does station mean in medical terms?

In obstetrics, station refers to descent of the fetal presenting part (hopefully the head) in the pelvis. An imaginary line is drawn between the two bones in the pelvis (known as ischial spines).

What does it mean to be station in pregnancy?

During the last month, your doctor will estimate how far the baby’s head has moved down into (engaged) the pelvis. This is measured in “stations.” A baby is at –3 station when the head is above the pelvis and at 0 station when the head is at the bottom of the pelvis (fully engaged).

What are the different stations in labor?


Score Cervix dilation Fetal station
0 closed -3
1 1-2 cm -2
2 3-4 cm -1
3 5+ cm +1

What are the types of labour?

Difference between types of labour

Physical labour Mental labour
2. Rickshaw pullers, cobblers, tailors, weavers, iron-smiths are examples of physical labour. 2. Teachers, accountants, doctors, managers etc., are good examples of mental labours.

At what station does labor begin?

0 station
When labor begins, some women will have a baby who is fairly high in the pelvis with a station of -2. Other women start labor with a baby that is engaged at a 0 station, or lower. In the case of fetal station, lower in the pelvis (and closer to the vaginal opening) means a positive number.

Does station mean baby has dropped?

0 station: The baby has descended to the point that the head has reached the bottom of the pelvis. This is the point at which the baby is said to have dropped and is fully engaged.

How do you determine a station?

Your doctor determines the fetal station by examining your cervix and locating where the lowest part of your baby is in relation to your pelvis. Your doctor will then assign a number from -5 to +5 to describe where your baby’s presenting part (usually the head) is located.

What is station during labor?

Fetal Station During Labor. Station is a measurement of fetal descent in labor and is measured by vaginal exams. Station usually isn’t measured until the last few weeks of pregnancy or you may not hear it discussed until you are in labor. The station number is one of the signs of progression in labor.

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