What does SDE stand for Camron?

What does SDE stand for Camron?

(Sports, Drugs & Entertainment) is the second studio album by Harlem rapper Cam’ron.

How old is Cameron from Dipset?

46 years (February 4, 1976)Cam’ron / Age

Where is Cameron from?

New York City, U.S.

What college did Camron go to?

Navarro College
Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics
I never graduated, but I came out of high school Top 25 in the country in the class of 1994. I ended up going to a junior college called Navarro Junior College in Texas, which is in between Dallas and Waco. I tore my hamstring when I was there, and I redshirted my first year.

Who is Cam Ron wife?

Juju Castaneda
Born Juliette Castaneda March 21, 1981 New York City, New York, U.S.
Alma mater Barry University (BA, MA)
Occupation Media personality author actress businesswoman
Years active 2012–present

What does SDE mean?

Discretionary Earnings
SDE is an acronym for Seller’s Discretionary Earnings, and is a metric for determining the historical cash flow of a business. It is a recasting process that starts with the net profit of a business, from either the business tax return or the yearend income statement.

Does Cam Ron have a son?

Cameron Ezike Giles Jr.Cam’ron / Son

How tall is rapper Cam Ron?

6′ 1″Cam’ron / Height

What is mases net worth?

Mase Net Worth: Mase is an American rapper, songwriter, TV personality, inspirational speaker and minister who has a net worth of $8 million. In the late 1990s, he got his start in the world of rap music thanks to Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs and his music imprint, Bad Boy Records.

What is my SDE multiplier?

Industry multiplier. Also called an “SDE multiple,” your industry multiplier is a number that you multiply your SDE by to get the fair market value of your business.

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