What does SD mean on Mini Cooper?

What does SD mean on Mini Cooper?

MINI has introduced a new SD ‘performance diesel’ engine that offers more power but virtually unchanged economy and emissions compared to the standard diesel, and it’s new throughout the MINI range; we tested it in the Countryman.

What problems do Mini Coopers have?

First and second-generation models were prone to clutch failures. First-gen Mini Coopers experienced significant transmission malfunctions as well. Other common complaints included leaking water pumps, radiator issues, and electric power steering pump problems.

What does the exclamation mark mean in Mini Cooper?

Tire Pressure Monitor: This indicator light reports low tire pressure or a flat. It looks like a horseshoe with tire treads on the bottom and has an exclamation point in the center. This light will blink and then light up to signify a malfunction in the detection system.

What is the difference between Mini Cooper S and SD?

The Mini Cooper SD is the same car as the S. It shares the same chassis, the same suspension, the same transmission, the same seats, the same cabin, the same switchgear, the same tyres, but one thing it does not share is the S’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol four-pot.

Is Mini Cooper SD a good car?

A very un-Mini-like driving experience, one that’s a long way from the Cooper S. Not that it’s a bad car, mind. The engine is strong and exceptionally refined, doing its best work on motorway cruises. Yes, the performance is impressive, but the urgency and turn of pace from the Cooper S model is lacking.

What does the snowflake symbol mean on my Mini Cooper?

The BMW Mini outside temperature warning light (snowflake inside a triangle) illuminates if the temperature falls to around +3C / 37F. A signal will sound and this warning light will come on. This is to warn you to drive cautiously. This also signifies an increased risk of sheet ice on the roads.

Do minis break down a lot?

They have slid down quite a bit since last year, where they came 13th place with just 105 problems per 100 vehicles. CNN also ranked Mini as average, putting them 10th in their top 10 for reliability, just scraping being included in the table.

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