What does POC sport stand for?

What does POC sport stand for?

piece of cake
VeloNews does not have any independent data on the helmet, though POC — it stands for piece of cake — is known for merging of safety and modern aesthetics. Its mountain bike and ski products are bright and burly, and the company’s helmet does appear a bit bigger than its soon-to-be competitors.

Is POC a Swedish company?

POC, a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armor, apparel and accessories in snow sports and cycling, was founded in 2005 in Sweden.

Who makes POC helmets?

POC Sports, usually called simply POC, is a Swedish company that manufactures skiing and snowboarding helmets, cycling helmets, apparel, and sunglasses. POC was founded in 2004 by Stefan Ytterborn….POC Sports.

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Headquarters Sweden

Who makes POC?

In 2015 POC was sold to Investcorp, a global investment company. These days POC is spread across 25 countries, with more than 100 employees around the world.

What does POC mean on Tik Tok?

Person of color or people of color.

What is a POC helmet?

POC designed the Octal to be the safest road helmet on the market. It uses unibody construction, so the outer shell is structural and covers the entire helmet like an exoskeleton. This looks good and provides better crash performance and penetration protection, while allowing for larger vents and reduced weight.

What does POC POC helmet mean?

Piece Of Cake
POC, in this instance, stands for Piece Of Cake. Life’s a piece of cake when you’re well equipped. The same goes for riding technical terrain. Arm yourself with proper protection and go ahead and go for it. POC is a Swedish company, well known for their winter sports protective gear.

Is POC made in China?

POC’s helmets are manufactured in China, as this is where they say the highest quality producers are found. One of POC’s latest technologies, “SPIN” is designed to reduce the potential injuries caused by rotational impacts.

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