What does it mean when something is apolitical?

What does it mean when something is apolitical?

Definition of apolitical 1 : having no interest or involvement in political affairs also : having an aversion to politics or political affairs. 2 : having no political significance. Other Words from apolitical Example Sentences Learn More About apolitical.

What is an apolitical person?

Apoliticism is apathy or antipathy towards all political affiliations. A person may be described as apolitical if they are not interested or uninvolved in politics. Being apolitical can also refer to situations in which people take an unbiased position in regard to political matters.

What is the meaning of non political?

Definition of nonpolitical : not political: such as. a : not influenced by or concerned with political considerations or issues nonpolitical ads. b : nonpartisan a nonpolitical commission.

What is another word for apolitical?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for apolitical, like: unpolitical, individualist, anarchistic, anti-political, elitist, anti-intellectual, avowedly, inward-looking, isolationist, idealistic and anti-establishment.

What is the opposite of apolitical?

Antonyms for (adj) apolitical Main entry: apolitical, unpolitical. Definition: politically neutral. Antonyms: political.

What is meant by non political executive?

This is called the Permanent Executive ( Non-Political Executive ). Civil Servants fall in this category. They remain in office even when the ruling party changes. Non-Political Executives work under Political Executives & assist them in carrying out the day to day administration.

What is the importance of non political executive?

The non political executives are hired on the long term basis whereas political executives are elected by the people for a particular tenure. The non political executives help the political executives in running the operations and ensuring that each aspect of any of the policies made is covered.

Who are permanent executives?

This is called the permanent executive or civil services. Persons working in civil services are called civil servants. They remain in office even when the ruling party changes. These officers work under political executive and assist them in carrying out the day-to-day administration.

What is it called when you don’t support Republican or Democrat?

An independent voter, often also called an unaffiliated voter or non-affiliated voter in the United States, is a voter who does not align themselves with a political party.

What is an example of nonpartisan?

There are several examples of nonpartisan state or provincial governments. The state of Nebraska in the United States has nonpartisan elections for its legislature because candidates are neither endorsed nor supported by political parties. However, its executive branch is elected on a partisan basis.

Why is the minister more powerful than the civil servant?

Why is the minister more powerful than the civil servant? The minister is elected by the people and thus empowered to exercise the will of the people on their behalf. She is finally answerable to the people for all the consequences of her decision. That is why the minister takes all the final decisions.

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