What does it mean if an ex blocks you?

What does it mean if an ex blocks you?

“An ex might block you in order to move on, to prove to a new love that you are part of their past, or maybe you are ‘liking’ their stuff too much and are a little too involved with their page,” she tells Elite Daily.

Does blocking an ex hurt them?

Nothing hurts more than being blocked by your ex. Those who have been on the receiving end know the pain. Despite getting over your ex, coming to terms with the fact that he has blocked you takes time to sink in.

Should I block my ex who has blocked me?

Just leave it. You begging, pestering or pleading will not change this, and even if it did – would it really make a difference? See, as much as it may hurt to hear it, your ex doesn’t want to speak to you. They wouldn’t block you if they did.

Why hasn’t my ex blocked me yet?

Originally Answered: Why hasn’t my ex blocked me? There are so many reasons – she may like you as a person and want to keep your acquaintance, she may still have a sweet spot for you, your relationship and breakup may have been respectful enough that she has no reason to block you, or she may be totally over you.

Does blocking help you move on?

“Blocking your ex on social media after a breakup — particularly a very painful breakup — can certainly help you move on,” Dr. Brown tells Elite Daily. “Breakups can be traumatic for both partners, no matter who ended it.

Why would he unblock me but not talk to me?

By blocking you they gain some control over the situation or their feelings towards you. By unblocking it shows that they are finding it hard to cut you out or that they don’t want that bad feeling between you. It could also be that they just don’t want to talk to you anymore.

What hurts more blocking or ignoring?

Blocking, going full no contact only assures that they will have to put more effort into getting through to you. Ignoring leaves easier avenues for them to get to you. You can modify your ignoring protocol make it a bit harder for them. Block them from all your social media, and change your passwords.

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