What does Fort Worth code compliance do?

What does Fort Worth code compliance do?

The Code Compliance Department maintains the City of Fort Worth’s status as a clean, livable city by ensuring the property complies with rules set by City Council.

What does code compliance do?

+How Do I? The Code Compliance Section is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of situations involving building, environmental, and zoning violations, including work without permits, as well as enforcing violations of the vacation and hosted rental ordinances.

How do I file a complaint with the city of Fort Worth?

My Fort Worth (MyFW) is the official app for residents and visitors to quickly and easily report issues to the City of Fort Worth. It is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. You can also text hello to 817-835-MYFW (6939).

Can Code Enforcement enter my property Texas?

Accordingly, unless an exception applies, an administrative search warrant is required before a code enforcement officer or code enforcement official may enter onto private property to conduct administrative inspections of residential or commercial premises for code violations.

How long does code of compliance take?

We process applications within 20 working days. During this time if we ask for more information from you, this ‘clock’ will be stopped, and will be restarted when our request has been resolved.

How do I report illegal parking in Fort Worth?

If you do not find an appropriate service request category on our Web site, or are uncertain whether the problem may be hazardous, please call 817-392-1234.

Can you live in a house without code of compliance?

Owning a property without any required code compliance certificate may affect the property value and your ability to sell the property. It is an offence for a developer to transfer ownership of a house without a code compliance certificate.

Who is my Fort Worth city Council member?


Office Office Holder (817) Phone / Fax
Council Member Michael D. Crain (817) 392-8803 / (817) 392-2409
Council Member Leonard Firestone (817) 392-8807 / (817) 392-2409
Council Member Carlos Flores (817) 392-8802 / (817) 392-2409
Council Member Chris Nettles (817) 392-8808 / (817) 392-2409

Can the city come into your house?

A city code inspector may enter your property only with your permission or a search warrant. Without either, an inspector may only view your property from the street or sidewalk.

Does code enforcement just drive around?

Unfortunately, no, code enforcement has no power to make someone move, no matter how many times they violate a law.

What is city code compliance?

Code Compliance. The City of Sacramento Code Compliance Division promotes and maintains a safe and desirable living and working environment for Sacramento residents and business owners. Through education and enforcement, the staff helps to maintain the quality of the community. In partnership with residents, neighborhood associations,…

What is the city code for Fort Worth?

Area code 817 is found in the US state of Texas. Primarily servicing the city of Fort Worth (population: 845928), area code 817 covers 5 counties of Texas.

What is a compliance code?

Code Compliance is a division of the Community Development Department that handles enforcement cases on private property on a complaint basis.


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