What does engine code P0137 mean?

What does engine code P0137 mean?

What Does P0137 Mean? Oxygen sensor 2 is the downstream oxygen sensor in relationship to the catalytic converter. When trouble code P0137 is set, this indicates that there is low voltage (roughly 450 millivolts or less) for more than 20 seconds coming from the bank 1 sensor 2 oxygen sensor.

What is code P0139?

Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0139 stands for “O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response (Bank 1, sensor 2).” It indicates that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected a potential issue with the signal from the rear oxygen sensor on bank 1.

What causes oxygen sensor code?

An engine misfire, leaky exhaust valve or a leak in the exhaust manifold gasket that allows air into the exhaust may also cause this type of code to be set. If an O2 sensor has failed, especially prematurely, the cause often is contamination. Like us, O2 sensors slow down as they age.

Is P0139 serious?

How serious is the P0139 code? This code, if the sensor is not bad, indicates the engine is still pumping fuel on deceleration when no fuel is needed. This can increase the fuel usage and may cause the engine to stall when coming to a stop if excessive fuel is leaking into the cylinders.

What does the a code p0136 mean on a car?

A code P0136 may mean that one or more of the following has happened: Faulty O2 sensor leak in exhaust close to O2 sensor Short to voltage on O2 signal circuit Open in circuit resistance caused by corrosion in connector Replace the second oxygen sensor on bank 1

When does the p0136 code set on the ho2s2?

The P0136 code will set when the PCM detects that the HO2S2 signal voltage is out of range for an extended period. | Need more information with the P0136 code?

What causes a p0136 O2 sensor failure?

What causes the P0136 code? 1 The ECM monitors the O2 sensor’s highest and lowest voltages. 2 The ECM detects a voltage problem and turns on the Check Engine Light. 3 The ECM uses other O2 sensors to try and control the fuel injection with known values. 4 There is an exhaust leak or catalyst failure in front of the sensor.

What does the code p0136 b1s2 mean on a catalytic converter?

Too much voltage can cause components to overheat and potentially suffer damage. A P0136 B1S2 means that the sensor located behind the catalytic converter is having this problem.

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