What does CD mean on number plate?

What does CD mean on number plate?

Current series since 1995. Diplomatic plates are white on red with the letters CD, up to four numerals and the year letter (X = 2006 and C = 1996) and GH.

What country is CD on a number plate?

diplomatic and consular corps
Vehicle registration codes of the Europe

Code Country From
CD* diplomatic and consular corps
CH Switzerland 1911
CY Cyprus 1932
CYM* Wales 1932

What is CD number plate in UAE?

police cars: blue plate with numbers. diplomatic cars: red with CD on it with white diamond.

How do I read my Italian car registration?

The three-digit number changes first, then the letters from right to left. So, first plate is AA 000 AA, followed by AA 001 AA…AA 999 AA, then AA 000 AB to AA 999 AZ, then AA 000 BA to AA 999 ZZ, then AB 000 AA to AZ 999 ZZ, then BA 000 AA to ZZ 999 ZZ. Rear plates are no more in two pieces.

What does CD mean on an Illinois license plate?

Mammogram Saves Lives
M. License Type (LIT) Violation Notice (Parker) License Plate Description. Mammogram Saves Lives (CD)

How much is a customized license plate in Ghana?

The DVLA refers to vehicles with personalised or customised plates as Vehicles with Special Mark. It costs GH¢7822.79 ($1333) to get his or her preferred phrase, text or name on his or her vehicle’s plate.

What does B mean in SAPS vehicles?

“M on military vehicles is for ‘Man’, B on police vehicles is for ‘Boys’.”

How can I check car ownership in UAE?

Checking Car History in the UAE – All you Need to Know

  1. Create an account on the official EVG website.
  2. Log in to your account using your credentials.
  3. Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the tab for accident inquiry and access accident history of that vehicle.

What is number 3 Licence in UAE?

Drivers (UAE Driving License No. 3) (Capable of driving 4.2 ton pick-up) Physically fit, hard worki•Candidate must able to communicate in English & Hindi. Driver need to be helpful with the assembler/helper in loading & unloading of the furniture.

What does Italian license plate look like?

The registration consists of the letter Z, followed by one letter, three numerals and two letters. After the first two letters is the republic seal. The letter Z is used as the rear plate is a two-line plate. Former passenger series issued between 1994 and 1999, two-line rear plate in black on white.

What do green license plates mean in Illinois?

The Environmental plates feature our state bird, the cardinal, and our state prairie grass, big bluestem. The sale of each set of plates generates funds for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ State Park Trust Fund, which is used to maintain and preserve state parks throughout Illinois.

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