What does Adelphia mean in Latin?

What does Adelphia mean in Latin?

Wiktionary. adelphianoun. A “brotherhood,” or collection of stamens in a bundle; used in composition, as in the class names, Monadelphia, Diadelphia, etc. Etymology: ‘Adelfo`s brother.

How did Adelphia get its name?

Adelphia Communications Corporation was founded in 1952 by brothers John and Gus Rigas; they purchased a cable television franchise based in Coudersport, Pennsylvania for $300. After 20 years in the business, Rigas incorporated the company under the name “Adelphia” which in the Greek language means “brothers”.

What is the meaning of Phila?

to love
The meaning of Phila is ‘lover’ or ‘to love’. It is a name typically given to girls and is of Greek origin. It comes from the Greek word ‘phílos’ meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘loving’. Phila was the daughter of Antipater, the regent of Alexander the Great’s Empire in Ancient Greece.

How was Adelphia caught?

On July 24, 2002, Rigas and sons Tim and Michael, Adelphia’s head of operations, were handcuffed and arrested in New York City. Brown and Michael Mulcahey, director of internal reporting, were arrested in Coudersport. The charges included securities, bank and wire fraud. Rigas still smarts over the events that day.

Who discovered the Adelphia scandal?

The fraud case itself was first reported in June 2002, and the founder and CEO of Adelphia, John Rigas, and two other company executives (his sons, Timothy and Michael Rigas) were charged with looting the company “on a massive scale” (Tobak, 2008).

What is Latin Phila?

Etymology. From Ancient Greek φίλος (phílos, “dear, beloved”).

Do you spell Sophia?

Sophia, also spelled Sofia, is a feminine given name, from Greek Σοφία, Sophía, “Wisdom”….Sophia (given name)

Alternative spelling Sofia
Variant form(s) Sophie
Related names Sofija, Sofiya, Sofya
See also Sonia

What did Adelphia do wrong?

Adelphia prosecutors had accused the Rigases of using complicated cash-management systems to spread money around to various family-owned entities and as a cover for stealing about $100 million for themselves. They were accused of spending the money on a lengthy list of personal luxuries.

How did the Rigas family get caught?

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