What does a political lawyer do?

What does a political lawyer do?

–Counseled political leaders and officials in their election and re-election campaigns. –Provided counsel to political parties and campaigns regarding federal and state election law compliance as well as policy issues involved in campaign finance reform.

What are the branches of political law?

Political law comprises election law, voting rights law, campaign finance law, laws governing lobbying and lobbyists, open government laws, legislative and executive branch ethics codes, legislative procedure, administrative procedure, constitutional law, and legislative and regulatory drafting.

Who does Perkins Coie represent?

The firm was founded in 1912 and has represented the Boeing Company since the founding of the aerospace company in 1916. Perkins Coie has been named one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for 18 consecutive years and recently ranked #40 on the list.

How can I be an international lawyer?

Eligibility Criteria to study International Law:

  1. Qualifying exam: A LLB degree or equivalent exam from a recognized university.
  2. Minimum marks: The NLUs require a minimum of 50% marks or its equivalent for general/PwD categories; SC/ST categories need 45% marks.

What is the example of political law?

What is Perkins Coie known for?

Perkins Coie is a leading international law firm that is known for providing high value, strategic solutions and extraordinary client service on matters vital to our clients’ success.

How many lawyers does Perkins Coie have?

1,200 lawyers
With more than 1,200 lawyers in 20 offices across the United States and Asia, Perkins Coie LLP represents great companies across a wide range of industries and stages of growth—from startups to Fortune 50 corporations.

What’s happening in the field of Political Law?

The past few years have been particularly active in the area of political law. In December 2013, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia obtained a $200,000 default judgment against a consulting firm for violations of the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 (LDA).

How can we help with your political law needs?

We can help with your political law needs at every step of the process. Whether you are an old hand, a newcomer who needs to understand what the rules are, or someone who is facing an investigation, we can help. We make participating in the government as simple as possible.

Why hire our political lawyers?

Our attorneys provide clients with creative solutions to their needs. Some clients need high-level advice, and others prefer an ongoing and close working relationship throughout their political activities. In either case, we provide prompt and thorough advice to assist with day-to-day needs.

Does engaging in political activity create liability?

Engaging in political activity can create liability if not carefully managed. At every level of government, laws, regulations and rules prohibit, restrict and require disclosure of lobbying and political activities. In many cases, applicable regulatory regimes overlap and are not necessarily intuitive.

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