What does a Jedi Consular do?

What does a Jedi Consular do?

Jedi Consulars channel the power of the Force for strength in combat and wisdom in diplomacy. The Jedi Consular wields that power with an even hand. Consulars study the mysteries of the Force. They use their knowledge to bring peace, but when words fail, their understanding of the Force makes them dangerous foes.

Who is the strongest companion Swtor?

Shae Vizla is the highest DPS companion in the game right now, parsing 6350+ on the fleet operations dummy, due to a major bonus to her AOE skill.

Can you marry Kira Carsen?

If the Jedi Knight player character is male, the player can choose to have a romance with Kira and can eventually marry her. Initiating a romance will affect dialogue in certain story missions. If the player is romancing Kira, then she will speak to the player about the future, children as one of the last topics.

What companions does the Jedi Consular get?

Jedi Consular Companions.

  • Qyzen Fess.
  • Theran Cedrex.
  • Zenith.
  • Lieutenant Iresso.
  • Nadia Grell.
  • Was Luke a Jedi Consular?

    In the now non-canon, Luke’s Jedi Order, didn’t possess the sub-classes of Guardian, Sentinel and Consular. He was too busy gathering the scraps of knowledge and perfect the Jedi Order in a way as to not make the same mistakes of the past. Yoda had a green lightsaber, but he was not a Consular.

    Who built Scorpio?

    Affiliation. SCORPIO was an advanced artificial intelligence designed for heuristic self-improvement by Master Designer Vel Jyc Boer on Iokath in the years before a civil war broke on the artificial world and caused its engineers to abandon their creations in Wild Space in an attempt to save their lives.

    What class is Nadia Grell?

    Jedi Consular class
    Under stars, and earth.” Nadia Grell is a companion character for the Jedi Consular class of Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the original class storyline, she was a romance option only for male player characters.

    Can you turn Kira Carsen to the dark side?

    Unfortunately not possible. Oh, you’re one of those Jedis. The only companion you can turn to the dark side that i know of is Jaesa Willsaam the Sith Warriors companion. You can decide if she’s to be light or dark.

    Is there romance in swtor?

    There are many romances available in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some are limited to specific classes or genders, and more are unlocked later in the storylines and expansions. You can then choose to click the links in the list to learn more about the romance. …

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