What does a blue wing olive imitate?

What does a blue wing olive imitate?

Because Baetis mayflies are so often called Blue-Winged Olives, some anglers try to imitate them with flies with blue wings and olive bodies. This is one of the follies of common names.

What kind of fly is a blue winged olive?

A Blue Winged Olive is the common name for a fly that is part of the Baetis fly group. They are mayflies with olive bodies and dark wings.

Is a BWO a dry fly?

BWO Dry Fly Assortment These are tiny Mayflies that can hatch any time of year, but primarily in the cooler months of Fall, Winter and Spring.

Is a Blue Wing Olive a Baetis?

Baetis – Blue Wing Olives THE BLUE-WINGED OLIVE (BWO) is not a single species, but a group of them in the genus Baetis. There are many mayflies out there with olive bodies and gray- or duncolored wings, the key during a Blue-Winged Olive hatch is to get the size right.

What does a blue wing olive look like?

Blue Wing Olive describes the dun, blue-gray colored wings of these small mayflies. The body maybe olive in color but could be gray, brown or black. The majority will be small in the 18-22 size with the occasional size 16 in the Spring depending on the watershed. BWOs in the nymph stage are strong swimmers.

What time of day do Blue Wing Olives hatch?

Hatches generally start early in the afternoon around 1-2pm and are best on cloudy/ rainy days. If conditions are right hatches can last for 3-4 hours. Wind can be tough on the bugs making it hard for them to get back to the water to lay eggs thus hard for fish to eat them.

What are fly fishing olives?

Olive Dry & Nymph Trout Flies – Fly Patterns For The Ephemeroptera Family. Often confusing, Olives are a generic name for a range of flies in the Ephemeroptera family.

What does a blue wing olive nymph look like?

The blue winged olive nymphs of the Baetidae family are free swimmers. They can vary in color from light shades of brown to light olive. They are generally slim and narrow shaped more like a minnow. When fishing in waters where hatches of the Blue Winged Olive occur, it may be wise to fish the nymph.

Is the blue winged olive a good fly to use?

Please try again later. The classic Blue Winged Olive is a great fly, especially in riffles or choppy water where it floats high and doesn’t have as much of a tendency to sink. Classic pattern that has fooled a lot of fish.

What is the best fly to fish during the mayfly hatch?

The CDC Thorax Dun is one of our favorite flies to fish during the Blue Winged Olive mayfly hatch! We used olive colored materials in this video to match Blue Winged Olive mayflies, but you can alter the color and size to match other species.

When do blue winged olive hatches happen?

Blue Winged Olive hatches are one of our major hatches in the fall, and the fish really take notices of all the little olive bugs on the water. Rapid, Castle, Spearfish, Crow, and Sand Creeks all see significant hatches of BWO’s from mid September through October typically, especially on cool and overcast days.

What size do midge flies come in?

Despite being called a Midge, this pattern works just as well during a Baetis (Blue Winged Olive Hatch). We like this all around in a size 18 for baetis; smaller sizes are perfect for midges. The Morgan’s Midge is a great fly to have in your box from fall through spring in the Black Hills and beyond!

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