What do you put in window boxes for winter?

What do you put in window boxes for winter?

At this time of year, I like to fill window boxes with decorative autumnal items, such as dried gourds, winter squash, tiny pumpkins and Indian corn. Tuck pretty fallen leaves and twigs (or use preserved leaves and branches, found at craft stores) among them. For the winter, replant the boxes with little evergreens.

What can I put outside planter in winter?

Ideas for natural materials to enhance your planter

  1. Red or yellow twig dogwood.
  2. Curly willow twigs/branches.
  3. Birch branches.
  4. Eucalyptus.
  5. Berry sprays.
  6. Seed pods and cones.
  7. Evergreen cuttings, branches and tree tops.
  8. Magnolia branches.

How do you make a flower box for winter?

Combine nine parts water with one part household bleach. Rinse the planters with the bleach solution to sterilize them so they are ready for spring planting. Allow the planters to dry completely, and then store them in a shed or garage where they are protected from the weather.

How do you dress a window sill for Christmas?

Christmas tree ornaments and candles, simple crafts and small indoor plants, snowflakes and snowmen, made of fabrics, wood or paper, large and small brass bells at the ends of red, white and green holiday ribbons and winter birds, secured on a green branch are excellent window sill decorating ideas for Christmas and …

How to decorate an outdoor window box for Christmas?

When cold weather arrives, filling your empty outdoor window boxes with a Christmas arrangement will transform them into a holiday focal point for your home. Using lush greenery and colorful accents, a novice can dress a window box in a festive manner.

How do you decorate a flower box for Christmas?

Ferns, evergreens, perennial flowers in red and white, wreathes, ornamental decorations, plants, artificial flowers, poinsettias, jingle balls, ribbons, pine cones, christmas tree trimmings, garland, lights, holly and more are some simple and effective ideas that can be used to decorate your flower boxes.

Can I leave my window boxes outside in the winter?

One of the nice benefits of our window boxes, planters, and railing flower boxes is that they can be left out year round, including harsh winters up North. This saves you time and hassle from removing and storing the boxes and opens up avenues to use the boxes in ways that enhance the curb appeal of your home even in the winter!

How do you wrap a window box for a gift?

Wrap your window boxes in ribbon, to create the illusion of a gigantic wrapped present. Adorable! Complete the look and pair your window box with a gorgeous wreath.

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