What do you do in a forum?

What do you do in a forum?

A forum can consist out of multiple topics just like a course can contain multiple forums. Integrate the discussions in your course by linking to it in Content. You can allow your students to discuss a specific topic or place them in groups and have them exchange ideas in a more private setting.

What is niche forums?

A niche forum targets a specific group of people. Instead of revolving around general interests, niche forums home in on a specific topic in a way that’s instantly relevant to the people they’re trying to target.

What is a forum in scratch?

Forum for all discussions that relate to Scratch’s open source projects.

How do you post a forum on scratch?

Press the new topic button on the top-right corner of the screen in the forum you want to post in. sufferin’ succotash!

What is the aim of a forum?

One of the roles of a discussion forum is to provide peer-to-peer self-service support, where support representatives and customers alike can share and upvote resolutions to common problems.

How do you find a forum related to your niche?

The simplest way to find your niche forums is by searching on Google. Type in your niche keyword(s) with “forum”. For example, if you’re in the travel business and specialize in Africa, search “africa travel + forum”.

How do you talk about scratch?

“Discussion Forums” is underneath the “Community” section. Click the name of the forum you would like to enter. Make sure it’s the subject you want to post a topic on. Click the blue New Topic button on the forum page.

How do you get to scratch forums?

Where can I access the forums? The link can be found at the footer of the Scratch Website (on every page) under “Community”. You can also go to here. This forum is for announcements from the Scratch Team.

What are forums in social media?

An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

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