What did Hotline Bling sample?

What did Hotline Bling sample?

Why Can’t We Live Together
The song was directly inspired by DRAM’s “Cha Cha” and was originally seen to be a remix, with the song premiering on Beats 1 OVO Sound Radio as “Hotline Bling (Cha Cha Remix)”. The song’s instrumental heavily samples R&B singer Timmy Thomas’s 1972 song “Why Can’t We Live Together”.

Who made Hotline Bling?

Hotline Bling/Composers

Who is the first girl in Hotline Bling?

The new music video for Drake’s “Hotline Bling” spawned countless memes when it was released on October 19, and most of them included a woman who appears at the end of the video to dance with Drake. That dancer is Tanisha Scott, one of the most popular choreographers in the music industry.

Why is Hotline Bling so popular?

Drake managed to capture a vast audience due to a catchy tune and music video that was unique. The song dominated the Billboard charts. On YouTube, the music video has over a billion views and around five million likes, which shows how successfully it was marketed on Drake’s Vevo channel.

Is Rihanna Hotline Bling?

Drake-Rihanna Update: ‘Hotline Bling’ Rapper Confesses His Love For Rumored Girlfriend During Concert. “It’s more Rihanna, though.

What genre is Hotline Bling?

Pop music
Contemporary R&BHip-Hop/RapRap Québ
Hotline Bling/Genres

What does Hotline Bling sound like?

In his mind, Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and D.R.A.M.’s “Cha Cha” share a rhythmic thread in that they are both derived from the same sample (or “riddim”), Timmy Thomas’s “Why Can’t We Live Together,” which Drake credits on his song, while D.R.A.M. altered it with popular sound effects from Super Mario and did not credit.

Why can’t we live together Hotline Bling?

But, he didn’t meet Timmy Thomas. The 73-year-old music teacher, whose 1972 song “Why Can’t We Live Together” was sampled for Drake’s hit “Hotline Bling,” hopes he will. Thomas wrote and produced “Why Can’t We Live Together” as a plea for peace during the Vietnam War. Drake sampled it for his 2016 smash.

What genre is nice for Drake?

Bounce music
R&B/SoulHip-Hop/RapRap Québ
Nice for What/Genres

What genre is Drake?


Who sang the song Hotline?

The Sylvers
Hot Line/Artists

Is Timmy Thomas Black?

African-American male singer-songwriters. American rhythm and blues singers.

What does the song Hotline Bling by Drake mean?

1) The way Drake sings the phrase “Hotline Bling” in a rapid staccato, which he also does on the line “mean one thing.” After hearing it sung this way throughout the song, it’s hard not to think of the title with that phrasing.

What makes Drake’s’Hotline Bling’video experience different from others?

“Drake’s vibe and involvement [made the ‘Hotline Bling’ video experience] a little different than your usual music video, where you’re hired and it’s: ‘Here’s the gig and here’s the thing we’re doing.’ Drake is a part of it, he has an idea of what he wants.

Who is’Hotline Bling’about?

When Drake first dropped the song, it was billed as a remix of “Cha Cha,” a R&B cut from D.R.A.M. The relatively unknown Virginia singer first made headlines when Beyoncé announced on Instagram her appreciation for “Cha Cha.” D.R.A.M. admitted to some frustration at the success of “Hotline Bling” after a gig at Drake’s home city.

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