What color is Nara Bronze?

What color is Nara Bronze?


What is the most popular Range Rover color?

Eiger Grey
Range Rovers look best in understated colours, and Eiger Grey will likely be one of the more popular (grey was the most common car colour of 2018). It’ll also be great at hiding road grime between washes.

Where is Range Rover color code?

The Land Rover paint color code is always found either on the radiator support bar or on the driver side door jamb.

What are the Range Rover colors?

2022 Range Rover Paint Colors

  • Santorini Black.
  • Eiger Grey.
  • Portofino Blue.
  • Lantau Bronze.
  • Hakuba Silver.
  • Belgravia Green.
  • Ostuni Pearl White.

What Colour is Nara?

Nara Bronze is a Land Rover vehicle colour with the paint code LRC825.

Is Firenze Red metallic?

Its dominant colour is red. The metallic appearance of the metallic Jaguar colour allows it to be produced only as a varnish finish.

What colour is Eiger grey?

Jaguar 2409 Eiger Grey Met. color informations

Colour 2409
Main color group Grey
Recommended undercoat Light Grey
Support type Bodywork
Color type Metallic

What Colour is Land Rover Green?

Also known as Pastel Green Traditionally a classic colour used on the Series vehicles roughly between 1959 – 1984.

What Colour is Range Rover Sport?

Land Rover Range Rover Sport is available in 12 different colours – Firenze Red, Corris Grey, Silicon Silver, Yulong White, Narvik Black, Loire Blue, Carpathian Grey, Byron Blue, Santorini Black, Fuji White, Estoril Blue and Indus Silver.

What colors does the 2021 Range Rover come in?

2021 Range Rover Colors

  • Solid Paints — Fuji White.
  • Metallic Paints — Santorini Black, Yulong White, Rosello Red, Byron Blue, Eiger Grey, Portofino Blue.

What is Land Rover Green called?

Also known as Bronze Green and Ascot Green. Traditionally a classic colour used on the Series and Defenders roughly between 1950 – 1988. Land Rover Deep Bronze Green LRC001 can also be used in conjunction with Tintable Raptor Tough Protection systems. …

What is Santorini Black?

The paint is a more muted black in duller light and has an almost mica look in stronger sunlight .

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