What color eyes do border collies have?

What color eyes do border collies have?

Border Collie The border collie’s eyes can be varying shades of brown, gold, or blue. Blue eyes are more common in merle-coated border collies.

Will my border collies eyes stay blue?

While brown is the most common eye color found n dogs, some breeds are known for producing bright blue tones. Dogs that commonly bear a merle coat pattern such as border collies, Australian shepherds, and dachshunds, can also carry their blue eyes later into life.

Are border collies with blue eyes deaf?

Deaf Border Collies had higher rates of merle coat pigmentation, blue iris pigment, and excess white on the head than normal hearing Border Collies (all P < . 001). The odds of deafness were increased by a factor of 14 for Border Collies with deaf dams, relative to the odds for dogs with normal dams (P = .

What should Border Collies be tested for?

There three well known genetic diseases that can be tested for are: Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (CL) and Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS).

Can a Border Collie have green eyes?

5. Border collie. These bright dogs occasionally have bright green eyes. Originally bred as sheepherding dogs, border collies sometimes have brindle coats, which means they carry the merle gene that predisposes them to green, blue, and multi-colored eyes.

How Do border collies get blue eyes?

In the Border Collie, brown eyes are most common, particularly in black-and-white and tricolored dogs. Dogs of any color can have one eye or both eyes blue. Some people believe that the blue eyes in a Border Collie come from a Husky ancester, but this is patently untrue. Blue has always appeared in the breed.

How common are blue eyes in border collies?

Dogs of any color can have one eye or both eyes blue. Some people believe that the blue eyes in a Border Collie come from a Husky ancester, but this is patently untrue. Blue has always appeared in the breed.

How do you tell if a puppy’s eyes will stay blue?

You can usually tell if your puppy will have blue eyes permanently by taking a look at the eye color of its parents. Furthermore, the type of breed the puppy belongs to can also affect this, with certain breeds being more likely to have brown eyes compared to other breeds.

How common are blue eyes in Border Collies?

What is Blue Merle Border Collie?

Blue Merle Border Collie breeding & genetics For breeders to get a blue merle Border Collie, one of its parents should be carrying the merle gene. What it does is take a dominant color (like black) and dilutes it to make that grayish or bluish shade with swirly and splotchy streaks or lines.

Why are my Border Collies eyes red?

Border Collies with glaucoma can have an IOP of 45 mg. or more. The first symptom to show up in the next stage is redness of the whites, also known as bloodshot eyes. Soon, the affected eye will begin to look cloudy in the cornea. Some people call this stage “steamy-looking.

Do Border Collies have eye problems?

Collie eye anomaly is a genetically linked disease that causes abnormal development of the eyes in Border Collies. In severe cases, the disease can lead to blindness. Unfortunately, there is no treatment. It is important to give your pet a thorough eye examination prior to breeding.

What is the personality of a Border Collie?

The personality of the Border Collie is not quite as variable as their physical characteristics, but each dog will have his or her own distinctive temperament. As a whole the breed is very gentle and loving, however they are protective and will make excellent watchdogs. The Border Collie is a watcher.

What colors can a Border Collie be?

The Border Collie may have any color coat, including solid, bicolor, tricolor, merle (lighter coat with speckled patches), or sable (light undercoat with black-tipped hairs), but white should not be predominant. The most common color combination is black with white markings. The undercoat is thick, medium-length, and shiny.

Does a Border Collie have hair or fur?

All border collies grow hair, even the short-haired or smooth-coat ones. Although hairless varieties of dogs exist, all border collies have hair. Their fur is thick and soft. Longer-haired border collies have coarse fur that either has a subtle wave to it or is even in appearance.

What other colors do Border Collies come in?


  • Chocolate (merle/sable)
  • Cream/Orange
  • Silver/Gray/Onyx Border Collie
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