What category is a 767?

What category is a 767?

Category:Boeing 767

airliner family by Boeing Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300
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Instance of aircraft family
Subclass of airliner

What type of plane is a 767?

Boeing 767
The original 767-200 entered service on September 8, 1982 with United Airlines, and the extended-range 767-200ER in 1984….

Boeing 767
Role Wide-body jet airliner
National origin United States
Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes
First flight September 26, 1981

Whats bigger 747 or 767?

Yes there is, and the difference is not close. Interior cabin width of the 767 family is 15’6″, and the 747 family is 20′ wide. If you are not in Economy you may think you had more space because of the seating density in Business or First, but in reality you are in a tube that is 4.5 feet tighter.

How many seats are on a Boeing 767?

375Boeing 767 / Number of seats

What is the difference between a 767 and 777?

Overall, the 777 is larger than the 767 in every way. However, size-differentiation is made complicated when we look at the 767’s largest variant (767-400) and the 777’s smallest (777-200). The 767-400 is just under eight feet shorter in length, while its tail height is just six feet shorter.

What is the difference between Boeing 757 and 767?

The main difference between the two aircraft is one is a narrowbody twin-engine aircraft (757) and the other is a wide-body twin-aisle twin-engine jet (767). The Boeing 757 is designed to replace the Boeing 727, the most popular selling Boeing aircraft at the time.

Is a 767 a jumbo jet?

The Boeing 767 is a low wing, twin-engined, long-range jet airliner which was Boeings’ first wide-body twin-jet. This was Boeing’s first new model after the introduction of the Boeing 747 and was designed to take over the market that was serviced by the ageing Boeing 707 and Douglas DC8.

How do you tell the difference between a 767 and 777?

All 777s lack winglets and instead have raked-wingtips. Some 767s have tall blended winglets, but not all. Therefore, the presence of these winglets indicates that it is not a 777 and is instead a 767*.

Whats bigger 767 or 777?

The 777 is a bigger airplane, even the smallest variant of it, the 777–200, is still larger than the biggest variant of the 767, the 767–400. 777–200 has a length of 64 meters, where as the 767–400 has a length of 61 meters. The most popular variant of each, however, aren’t even close in size.

Is Delta getting rid of 767?

“Followed by the 767-400, [and] followed by the 757.” His comments are an about face for Delta on the 767. In September 2020, the airline said the 767-300ER would be retired by the end of 2025; a date that Hauenstein would no longer commit to.

Is A330 bigger than 767?

The 767 is the smallest widebody airplane that is flying, whereas the A330 is a noticeable step larger. The 767 has a smaller cross section, so it typically has 7 wide seating in a 2–3–2 configuration, though you might find some with a very tight 2–4–2 configuration, it is uncommon and very cramped.

What’s the difference between 767 and 757?

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