What can you make out of Fimo?

What can you make out of Fimo?

15 Fun Polymer Clay Ideas

  1. 01 of 15. Fruit Trinket Boxes. Damask Love.
  2. 02 of 15. Modern Earrings. The Spruce Crafts.
  3. 03 of 15. Geometric Wall Hanging. Alice and Lois.
  4. 04 of 15. Rainbow Magnets.
  5. 05 of 15. Ice Cream Cone Wall Planters.
  6. 06 of 15. Cactus Ring Holder.
  7. 07 of 15. Standing Bud Vase.
  8. 08 of 15. Emoji Heart Best Friends Necklaces.

What can I make out of clay and sell?

40 Clay Craft Projects to Make For Gifts Or To Sell!

  • Marbled Clay Ring Dish – A Beautiful Mess.
  • DIY Speckled Keychains – Sugar and Cloth.
  • How to Make Your Own Gorgeous Giftable Succulent Planters – Hello Glow.
  • DIY Clay Face Dish – Isocscella.
  • DIY Clay Wall Hanging – Alice & Lois.
  • DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry Crafts – Hey Lai.

What can you do with polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a fun and versatile craft material that you can use to make a wide variety of creative projects. Many people use polymer clay to make modern earrings and colorful jewelry. Others sculpt it into miniature figures or roll it into beads.

What is Fimo clay used for?

Polymer clay can be used in an assortment of crafts, including jewelry, home decoration, pottery, scrapbooking and sculpture. Techniques for working with the clay are borrowed from glass-making, metal-working, ceramics, sculpture and textile.

What can I make from air dry clay?

Air dry clay is very versatile. You can make hundreds of clay items without any special skills or equipment. The most common things you can make out of clay are bowls, plates, trinkets, candle holders, figurines, votives, jewelry, beads, art, etc. Or use the clay to decorate vases, glasses, mugs, etc.

Can you make big things with polymer clay?

Large Sculptures can be made with polymer clay, from 2ft (0.61m) to even 4ft (1.22m). If the clay isn’t more than 1in (2.54cm) thick, is baked evenly at closely regulated temperatures and is properly supported with wire armature, then it is entirely possible.

Can you paint FIMO clay?

Painting. Paints that are acrylic can be applied to baked Fimo clay or Sculpey clay. There are a huge variety of hobby acrylic paints available at Craftmill, both in standard artist colors and in a huge range of specialist colors. Do not use enamel paint because it will not dry properly.

Is FIMO clay waterproof?

Is polymer clay waterproof? Yes, once baked, you can seal your project with our glazes to make them waterproof. We do not recommend making dishes or utensils that you plan to drink from, eat off of or serve food even if they are sealed with the glazes.

Is Fimo clay toxic?

It is not toxic The first fact and the most important is Polymer clay or Fimo is perfectly safe around children and pets, as it is non-toxic. This means that there is no need to worry about toxic fumes when baking polymer clay in the oven, nor does it need to panic if a child pretends to eat a polymer clay dumpling.

How to soften Fimo clay?

1) Warm the clay with body heat. If your clay is only slightly hard, you may be able to soften it just by warming and kneading it with your hands. 2) Warm the clay using a heat source. If the clay is especially hard, you may need to use a heat source to soften the clay. 3) Roll the clay in your hands. Once the clay has softened, roll it between your hands in a snake shape, then roll it into a ball. 4) Roll with a rolling pin. If the clay is still too hard to roll with your hands, you may need to use more force. 5) Hit the clay with a mallet. If your clay is too hard to roll out with a rolling pin, you will need a large amount of force. 6) Knead the clay. After you have rolled the clay, knead the clay with your hands on a counter just as you would with dough.

What is Fimo actually?

Fimo is a name for a brand of polymer clay made by German company Staedtler (STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG). Fimo is sold worldwide. Its main U.S. competitor is the American brand Sculpey. The material comes in many different colors; there are many finishes to choose from, and even a softener to use with it because it can be hard to work.

How to use Fimo Soft?


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  • Take Fimo clay out of the packet and start kneading it for several minutes before you use it, as it might get a bit…
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  • You better place a layer of Plexiglas or any waxed paper on your working surface to make it non-sticky for Fimo clay.
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  • If you feel the clay is a bit too soft, you can press it between two sheets of white paper. If the clay gets too hard…
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