What can you buy with Flying Blue Miles?

What can you buy with Flying Blue Miles?

Check out all the things you can do with your Miles.

  • Buy a reward ticket. Save money by buying your tickets with Miles instead of cash!
  • Book extra options.
  • Transfer your Miles.
  • Shop online.
  • Donate to charity.

How do you retain Flying Blue Miles?

To keep miles from expiring, you need to meet at least one of these conditions:

  1. Take an eligible flight at least once every 2 years with Air France, KLM, Joon, HOP!, or any SkyTeam partner.
  2. Earn Silver, Gold, or Platinum status.
  3. Make a purchase with an eligible partner bank card at least once every 2 years.

Can someone else use my Flying Blue number?

You can use your Miles to book a flight for anyone you like, whether or not they are a Flying Blue member, and even if you’re not flying with them. Just make sure you enter all their details according to the information in their passport.

What are KLM points worth?

You can earn miles through this program by flying on these airlines or their partners, or transferring from other programs such as American Express Membership Rewards points. But how much are these miles actually worth? Based on our analysis, the value of Air France-KLM Flying Blue miles is 1.4 cents each.

Can I fly Blue miles in pool?

Flying Blue miles can be pooled together, but in a less traditional way than other pooling options. Pooling is only available to residents of the Netherlands, so a very small percentage of Flying Blue members can take advantage.

Does buying Flying Blue Miles extend expiration?

You can extend all your miles for two years from the date of one of the following activities per the Air France KLM Flying Blue website: Making a purchase with your Flying Blue co-branded credit card. Holding Elite or Elite Plus status with Flying Blue.

Do Flying Blue accounts expire?

Yes, miles in the Air France/KLM Flying Blue program expire if you have no qualifying flight or credit card activity on your account for a period of 24 months.

Can you transfer KLM miles to another person?

You can gift Flying Blue miles to friends, family members, and anyone else, regardless of whether or not they are already a Flying Blue member. You just have to provide the Flying Blue member number or email address of the intended recipient.

Do Flying Blue Points expire?

Do Flying Blue miles expire?

All your Miles are valid for life as long as you take an eligible flight on Air France, KLM, Aircalin, Kenya Airways, TAROM or other airline partners at least once every 2 years, or if you’re an Elite or Elite Plus member, or if you make a purchase with an eligible co-branded credit card at least once every 2 years.


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