What can I use instead of cornstarch in a bath bomb?

What can I use instead of cornstarch in a bath bomb?

Cornstarch is what makes your bath bombs harden. If you want to leave it out, you need to substitute an ingredient that will have the same effect. Kaolin clay or tapioca starch are good alternatives.

How do you make bath bombs without cornstarch for kids?

Bath Bomb Recipe without Cornstarch

  1. 1.5 cups Baking Soda.
  2. 1 cup Citric Acid.
  3. 1/2 cup Coconut Oil.
  4. 20 drops Essential Oils (optional)
  5. Bath Bomb Molds.

What makes a bath bomb fizz?

Two of the key ingredients to a bath bomb are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. You might also know sodium bicarbonate by its more common name, baking soda. These two ingredients are what cause the impressive and delightful fizz when the bath bomb enters the water.

How to make a bath bomb without cornstarch?

My Bath Bomb without Cornstarch Doesn’t Fizz as Much as I Expected 1 1 Cup Baking Soda 2 3/4 Cup Citric Acid 3 1/3 Coconut Oil 4 10 drops Essential oil More

Do bath bombs dissolve faster with baking soda or citric acid?

The bath bombs will dissolve more quickly, but as long as you still have baking soda and citric acid, you can make bath bombs. To make bath bombs without cornstarch, grab your ingredients. Start by combining baking soda and citric acid in a bowl. Stir to combine well. Add coconut oil and essential oils.

What are the ingredients in a bath bomb recipe?

Ingredients 1 1.5 cups Baking Soda 2 1 cup Citric Acid 3 1/2 cup Coconut Oil 4 20 drops Essential Oils (optional preference) 5 Bath Bomb Molds or these handy molds you have at home More

How do you make bath bombs with coconut oil?

Combine baking soda and citric acid and mix well. Add coconut oil and essential oils. Use your hands to work the coconut oil into the dry ingredients, until the mix starts to stick together and is the consistency of wet sand. Fill each half of bath bomb mold, slightly over-filling.

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