What book comes after the companions?

What book comes after the companions?

Main titles

Series Books Title
Neverwinter Saga 23-26 Gauntlgrym; Neverwinter; Charon’s Claw; The Last Threshold
The Sundering 27 The Companions
Companions Codex 28-30 Night of the Hunter; Rise of the King; Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf
Homecoming 31-33 Archmage; Maestro; Hero

What is RA Salvatore’s next book?

Glacier’s Edge: A Novel (The Way of the Drow, 2) Hardcover – August 9, 2022.

Which RA Salvatore book should I start with?

A lot of Salvatore fans advise starting with The Crystal Shard, partly because you can appreciate how Salvatore’s writing matures over the years.

Is RA Salvatore done with Drizzt?

Author R.A. Salvatore continued the drow’s story in a new trilogy—a trilogy that will end in July with Relentless: A Drizzt Novel. Salvatore’s most beloved creations in this final volume of his latest bestselling trilogy begun with Timeless and Boundless.

Did RA Salvatore create drow?

Bob Salvatore didn’t invent the drow—a dash of real-world folklore and the creative mind of Gary Gygax did that—but he absolutely popularized them. He put them (and himself) on the map, and it was he who breathed colorful, if treacherous, life into them.

Will there ever be a Drizzt movie?

A live action TV show is in development with eOne entertainment and a movie starring Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Rege-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis, and Justice Smith is in production.” “The D&D movie is not focused on Drizzt,” Wizards said in an email, “but there is a TV show in development that might be.”

Is R.A. Salvatore done with Drizzt?

What subclass is Drizzt?

Drizzt Do’Urden
Created by R. A. Salvatore
In-universe information
Race Drow
Class Fighter/Ranger

Did R.A. Salvatore create drow?

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