What are the NCR questions?

What are the NCR questions?

If the Courier answers “yes”, the Courier is quizzed with three questions to prove that they are an NCR citizen.

  • Question 1 – Who is the most popular NCR President of all time? President Tandi.
  • Question 2 – What was the original capital of the NCR? Shady Sands.
  • Question 3 – What animal is on the NCR Flag?

Who is the most popular person in the NCR?

Who was Fallout New Vegas’ favorite NCR president? Q1 Tandi is the most popular president in NCR history. Q2 Shady Sands was the original name of the Capitol in the NCR….Who was the most popular president in NCR history?

No. President Most frequent quartile
1 George Washington 1
2 John Adams 2
3 Thomas Jefferson 1
4 James Madison 2

How much money does the king give you FNV?

If the Courier claims that he is lying, he will suggest that they keep the theory to themselves. Orris’ illegitimacy can be threatened following a Barter check of 50. If successful, he will pay 348 caps.

Can you join the Kings?

How to Join the Kings. To join the Kings, go to the School of Impersonation in Freeside. Once you arrive, head left and enter the stage area to meet the King, who leads the group. Help the Kings with the quest G.I.

Who founded the NCR fallout?

Aradesh is the founder of the New California Republic and was also its first president. Before this, he was the leader of Shady Sands, which became the capital of the NCR. Aradesh lived in Vault 15 before he became the leader of these communities.

Can you join the Kings without using the favor?

Once you have completed the quest, the King will offer you one favor. Most players doing this quest will ask for a Passport to the Strip, but if you want to join the Kings, you will need to find another way in. Instead, use your favor to ask to join them.

What is the capital of the NCR fallout?

Shady Sands
Shady Sands (called the New California Republic, NCR in-game) is the capital of a federation of towns in California of the same name. With a population in the tens of thousands, it is the largest settlement in New California.

Who is the leader of the NCR?

President Aaron Kimball
President Aaron Kimball is the current head-of-state of the New California Republic in 2281.

Where is Mick and Ralphs?

Mick & Ralph’s is an active consumable and gun shop, located in the New Vegas’ slum area of Freeside just northeast of the east gate in 2281.

Are the Great Khans evil?

By 2281, the Great Khans have been reduced to making and selling drugs for the Fiends and others, and are less violent than ever, though still very hostile to the NCR. By this point they are no longer truly evil and can be considered neutral.

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