What are the highest paying jobs in Maryland?

What are the highest paying jobs in Maryland?

Table 1. Top 100 highest-paying jobs in Maryland (2019 survey)

Rank Job Description Average Salary i
1 Obstetricians and Gynecologists $206,280
2 Psychiatrists $204,630
3 General Internal Medicine Physicians $191,910
4 Nurse Anesthetists $189,440

Who was the Maryland colony founded by?

George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore

What crops does Maryland grow?

Most of Maryland’s crop income is from greenhouse and nursery products (flowers, ornamental shrubs, young fruit trees). Corn for grain and soybeans are also important sources of revenue in the state. Other important crops include wheat, hay, barley and tobacco. The most important vegetables are sweet corn and tomatoes.

Is Maryland a small state?

Maryland has an area of square miles (32,133.2 km2) and is comparable in overall area with Belgium [11,787 square miles (30,530 km2)]. It is the 42nd largest and 9th smallest state and is closest in size to the state of Hawaii [square miles (28,311.1 km2)], the next smaller state.

What is Maryland known as?

the Old Line State

What Maryland is famous for?


What kind of state is Maryland?

Maryland, constituent state of the United States of America. One of the original 13 states, it lies at the centre of the Eastern Seaboard, amid the great commercial and population complex that stretches from Maine to Virginia.

What is the coldest month in Maryland?


What seafood is Maryland known for?

Here on the Chesapeake Bay, we’re best known for three things: Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, oysters and rockfish (also known as striped bass).

What are 3 major industries in Maryland?

Key Industries

  • BioHealth & Life Sciences. Innovation is alive and well in Maryland, where medical, academic, governmental and entrepreneurial leadership thrive together.
  • IT & Cybersecurity.
  • Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Military & Federal.
  • Aerospace & Defense.
  • Financial Services.
  • Energy & Sustainability.
  • Agribusiness.

What are 5 interesting facts about Maryland?

Maryland State Quick Facts

  • Maryland was the 7th state in the United States of America.
  • Maryland was granted statehood on April 28, 1788.
  • The state capital of Maryland is Annapolis.
  • The largest city in Maryland is Baltimore.
  • The population of Maryland is 5,928,814 (source 2013 United States Census Bureau estimate).

What is the capital of Maryland?


What problems did Maryland colony face?

While Maryland indeed became a safe place for persecuted Catholics to settle, many Protestants and Puritans left other colonies to settle there, as well. Maryland became torn by religious friction and political struggles between Catholics and Protestants.

What was life like in Maryland colony?

Many men of Maryland Colony are farmers and mostly they plant tobbaco. But other farmers planted corn, indigo plants, and rice. Some men were hunters, traders, slave traders, and fur traders. Some were shipbuilders, fishermen, lumbering, shipping, and slave buyers.

Why did they settle in Maryland?

The Province of Maryland—also known as the Maryland Colony—was founded in 1632 as a safe haven for English Catholics fleeing anti-Catholic persecution in Europe. The Maryland Colony’s first settlement was St. Mary’s City, which was built along the Chesapeake Bay.

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