What are the grades of HDPE?

What are the grades of HDPE?

Normally available in two grades. 300 grade and 500 grade. the higher number denotes the density of the material and can improve on performance. The majority of HDPE is available in either black or white although 500 grade sheet is available in a range of colors.

Is 4984 a HDPE pipe?

HDPE pipe as per IS 4984:2016 is used across the globe for applications such as water mains, gas mains, sewer mains, slurry transfer lines, rural irrigation, fire system supply lines, electrical and communications conduit, and stormwater and drainage pipes and Reclaimed Water Transfer.

What is the latest version of 7328?

The new standard titled “Specification of Polyethylene Material for Moulding and Extrusion” is labelled under Indian standard IS 7328:2020. There is also a requirement for overseas importers to obtain a licence to ensure that their product conforms to the new standards imposed by the BIS.

What is PE 80 in HDPE pipe?

PE80 has been widely used for gas, water and industrial applications for many years and is most commonly named MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene). However, PE80 could also be HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). PE80 pipes are often rated SDR11 PN12 and have a minimum required strength (MRS) of 8.0MPa (Megapascal).

Is HDPE pipe 14930?

DWC HDPE PIPE 50/38 MM, Length of Pipe: 6 m, Is Code: 14930.

What is PE 63 in HDPE pipe?

PE 63 – medium pressure piping systems – irrigation system – drinking water connections. PE 80 – gas pipe for natural gas distribution network with pressure rate up to 4 bars – drinking water pipe with pressure rate up to 16 bar – sewers, outfall pipes, industrial pipes. PE 100 – high demands piping applications.

What is the difference between SDR 11 and SDR 17?

This means that two pipes with the same OD but different DR numbers would have different wall thicknesses. For example, a 14” OD pipe with a wall thickness of 1.273 inches would have a DR of 11, while a 14” pipe with a wall thickness of 0.824 would have a DR of 17.

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