What are the best seats to watch wicked?

What are the best seats to watch wicked?

Re: What is the best seat to watch Wicked and why. Row K center would be excellent. The mezzanine overhangs row N, so anything in front of that is fine. The center section is numbered 101-118, the sides are numbered out from the center, odds on one side and evens on the other.

Where is the best place to sit in the Apollo theatre London?

The best seats are one row behind in seats B15-18, as they do not have restrictions from the lighting equipment. Otherwise, sit towards the rear of the Stalls for a great view of the entire stage on a budget.

Is it better to sit in the Stalls or circle?

Sitting in the dress circle can allow you to feel immersed in the action of what’s on stage, but you are able to sit from a height so you can appreciate what’s going on at all levels, something which you may miss if you are sitting in the stalls.

What are the best seats in Apollo Victoria Theatre?

The best seats classed as Premium seats are located in the centre-front sections of the Stalls and in Row Q which has a walk way in front and so is great for customers wanting extra leg room.

Is mezzanine or orchestra better for wicked?

Row P and front rows in Orchestra, Row A & F(few seats) in Mezzanine section come with the best legroom. Also, corner seats have a comparatively greater legroom than the rest.

How much does it cost to see Wicked on Broadway?

Premium tickets range from $192 – $262, excluding holiday performances. Even when the show is sold out, there are usually premium seats available right up to the day of the performance.

How many seats are in the Apollo Theater?

Apollo Theater/Capacity

How long is magic goes wrong?

Approximately 2 hours 20 minutes
Approximately 2 hours 20 minutes including an interval.

What are the best seats at Wicked London?

Top price tickets are located in seats 14-19 and 28-33 of rows B-C of the Circle. They offer unparalleled views of the stage, without any restrictions, and you can still see every detail. Some prefer Circle seats, especially for the “Defying Gravity” scene.

Is there a dress code for Apollo Victoria Theatre?

Is there a dress code at the Apollo Victoria Theatre? There is no dress code at the theatre, but patrons should aim to wear attire that is comfortable and appropriate for the occasion.

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