What are the attributes of table?

What are the attributes of table?

Specific Attributes

Attribute Value
align right left center justify char
bgcolor rgb(x,x,x) #hexcode colorname
border pixels
cellpadding pixels or %

What are the three table attributes?


  • summary. A summary of the table’s purpose/structure.
  • width. A value indicating the desired width of the entire table , in pixels or as a percentage relative to the horizontal available space.
  • frame.
  • rules.
  • border.
  • cellspacing.
  • cellpadding.
  • align.

What attributes are applicable to table tag?


element defines a table row

, the

element defines a table header, and the

element defines a table cell. An HTML table may also include


, , , and


What are the different table attributes in HTML?

The attributes that we will use to design the table are: cellspacing, cellpadding, border, bg color, etc. Output: So using the attributes of the table tag, we can design the table.

What are the types of attributes?

There are five such types of attributes: Simple, Composite, Single-valued, Multi-valued, and Derived attribute. One more attribute is their, i.e. Complex Attribute, this is the rarely used attribute.

What are attributes in SQL table?

In relational databases, attributes are the describing characteristics or properties that define all items pertaining to a certain category applied to all cells of a column. The rows, instead, are called tuples, and represent data sets applied to a single entity to uniquely identify each item.

What is cellpadding and cellspacing attributes?

The cell padding attribute places spacing around data within each cell. The cell spacing attribute places space around each cell in the table.

What are the various types and attributes associated with tables?

1 Answer

  • Attributes of table: The
    is a container tag.

    What are the two attributes of body tag?

    two attributes of body tag are: bgcolor -specifies the background color of a document. text – specifies the color of the text in a document.

    What are examples of attributes?

    Attribute is defined as a quality or characteristic of a person, place or thing. Intelligence, charm and a sense of humor are each an example of an attribute.

    What are the example of simple attributes?

    Simple attribute − Simple attributes are atomic values, which cannot be divided further. For example, a student’s phone number is an atomic value of 10 digits. Composite attribute − Composite attributes are made of more than one simple attribute. For example, a student’s complete name may have first_name and last_name.

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