What are some good words to use in a scary story?

What are some good words to use in a scary story?

Words like “horrified,” “horror-struck,” “petrified,” “panic-stricken,” “appalled,” “witless” and “aghast” will do; however, representing the signs of a protagonist’s fears are even better.

What is a scary story called?

Ghost stories
Ghost stories are commonly examples of ghostlore. Colloquially, the term “ghost story” can refer to any kind of scary story. In a narrower sense, the ghost story has been developed as a short story format, within genre fiction.

What are some creepy phrases?

Scariest Quotes From Movies

  • “We all float down here… you’ll float too.” It.
  • “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.” Dawn of the Dead.
  • “Save your tears.
  • “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.
  • “Be afraid.
  • “A census taker once tried to test me.
  • “I see dead people.”
  • “When the Jews return to Zion.

What are some scary baby names from movies?

Here are some scary baby names from movies. 1. Alice, the little girl with a creepy mask from ‘Alice Sweet Alice’. This is one of the best evil girl names. 2. Charlene, the girl from ‘Firestarter’ who starts fires and troubles her family. 3. Cole, the baby from ‘The Sixth Sense’ who can see ghosts. 4.

What are the different types of names in horror fiction?

The first type are personal names, pretty much the name of the main antagonist. Some known examples are ‘The Slenderman’ and ‘Jeff the Killer’. The second type are more like story titles, most of them are pretty much open the various interpretations, but very few will limit who or what…

What are some of the creepiest names for a child?

Creepy Fictional Kids’ Names 1 Alice. This is one of the best evil girl names. 2 Charlene 3 Cole 4 Damien 5 Esther 6 Gage. , Pet Sematary’s baby is brought back from the dead by his family. 7 Henry 8 Isaac 9 Karen 10 Lonnie. , Lonnie from ‘Deliverance’ plays an eerie tune in the movie.

What are the scariest Halloween names?

Pennywise, Pennywise is a popular Halloween character name. 124. Pinhead, Hellraiser’s Pinhead is a spooky name for baby boys. 125. Ratched, a great name for Halloween from ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’. 126. Sadako, Ring’s Sadako is a scary girl name.

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