What are Powerball VIP rewards?

What are Powerball VIP rewards?

VIP Rewards Points Points are non-monetary numerical values assigned to eligible non-winning instant tickets and any eligible drawing-style tickets that are added to a player’s VIP Rewards Account in exchange for submitting the ticket information on the Website or Mobile App.

Does Tennessee have a second chance lottery?

Or, simply download Tennessee Lottery’s App that includes a convenient ticket scanning feature. There is no limit on the number of eligible tickets a VIP Member may enter into Play It Again! and Second Chance drawings. However, there are limits on the number of VIP Rewards Points you may earn and use.

What is the Iowa lottery VIP Club?

What is the VIP Club? Enter Play It Again® promotions for chances to win cash and prizes! You never know when you’ll receive an email to enter special contests for free tickets, merchandise or other prizes – and no purchase is necessary! Sent right to your inbox each month.

What is Idaho lottery VIP Club?

The purpose of the Idaho Lottery VIP Club is to offer benefits to Idaho Lottery players. If at any time the player wishes to no longer receive benefits, they can cancel their membership by going to the “Personal Information” section under “My Account” and clicking on the “Cancel Membership” button.

How do you enter Play It Again TN lottery?

To “Play it Again!” simply visit www.tnottery.com or www.tnvipsuite.com and become a VIP Players Suite member. Once registered, just visit the VIP Players Suite to enter your eligible non-winning tickets and enjoy the many, many other benefits for members.

How do you win the 2nd Chance Lottery in Tennessee?

Play it Again! is simple: Just visit www.tnlottery.com to register non-winning instant tickets. Information includes: All instant ticket games currently on sale are eligible to be entered in Play it Again! except those that have a separate second-chance drawing promotion.

How does Tennessee Lottery Second Chance work?

“Play it Again!” is the Tennessee Lottery’s program that gives players a second chance to play and win by entering eligible non-winning instant tickets. The Lottery asks players to dispose of tickets properly once they are entered.

What can you do with losing scratch tickets?

Regular old paper lottery tickets without any scratch-off sections are completely recyclable, so feel free to throw them in with your paper recycling. The easiest way to tell if an old lotto ticket is recyclable is to look for the recycling symbol on the back of it.

What were the winning numbers for the Iowa Lottery?

Latest Numbers

Game Result
Powerball Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022 4 11 38 49 69 16 PB Power Play: x3
Mega Millions Friday, Jan 28, 2022 3 16 25 44 55 13 MB Megaplier: x3
Lotto America Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022 1 8 22 23 29 2 SB All Star Bonus: x2
Lucky for Life Friday, Jan 28, 2022 11 21 27 32 48 7 LB

Is Idaho doing away with the lottery?

“Freedom to play Powerball is restored. This is a game that Idahoans have enjoyed for three decades,” said Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson. BOISE, Idaho — Powerball will continue in Idaho for at least another year despite an attempt by lawmakers to end the game in August over fears of foreign participation.

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