What are document controls?

What are document controls?

Document control refers to the practice and profession of enforcing document management standards within a given workplace or other definable scope. Document control practices ensure that all of the data concerning any given element of the workplace is accurate and in agreement with each other.

What is ISO document control?

What is Document Control in ISO 9001:2015? ISO 9001:2015 mandates ‘control over documented information’ to guarantee the right people have access to a QMS where and when they need it – and to ensure that no unauthorised or unrecorded changes can be made to its required contents.

What is document control in QMS?

The document control procedure describes the structure of all document types within the QMS and so is the first building block in the design of QMS documentation. The document control procedure addresses the following: Review and approval of documents for adequacy prior to issue.

What makes a document controlled?

Simplistically, a controlled document is a document that must undergo formal review, formal approval, controlled distribution, controlled modification and controlled storage and access. Or, in other words, a controlled document is a document that goes through Document Control processes.

When should a document be controlled?

The first sentence of section 4.2. 3 on document control states, “All documents required by the quality management system shall be controlled.” This means that if a document addresses or relates to any of the issues in ISO 9001: it must be controlled.

Why is document control needed?

But why is document control important? Document control practices are an essential preventative measure for each organisation to ensure only approved, current documentation is used throughout the organisation, preventing inadvertent use of obsolete processes or procedures.

Why are documents controlled?

Document control systems should play an important role in identity and access management, by protecting sensitive documents from exposure to the wrong parties. They should also support simplified access when needed by allowing authorized parties to quickly search, find, and retrieve archived and active documents.

What is documentation control What are the advantages of documentation control?

Document Control Helps Reduce Errors in Documentation When teams have quick access to all the data within their company’s system, they can reduce the number of errors they make within their documentation. That’s because document control systems provide a streamlined pathway for document review.

What 3 items do all controlled documents have?

For controlled documents, changes, distribution, access, retrieval, and use are all managed under strict requirements. When created, controlled documents must have a version number. When updates occur, a list of all changes must be detailed with each update.

How can you tell if a document is controlled?

What is the difference between a controlled and uncontrolled document?

When created, controlled documents must have a version number. When updates occur, a list of all changes must be detailed with each update. Uncontrolled documents can be updated without change control and up-versioning.

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