What are decedent affairs?

What are decedent affairs?

The Decedent Affairs Officer (DAO) is responsible for coordinating support services related to active duty, dependent, and retiree deaths in the First District. We assist the family in making funeral arrangements and help the next of kin obtain any compensation or entitlements they may be due.

Can a CACO make a notification alone?

Never conduct a notification alone! Latest Information: Contact the parent command to receive the latest information concerning the casualty. Transportation: Obtain a government vehicle.

Which items should be verified from NOK when conducting notification?

Upon making notification (if applicable), verify the NOK’s name, address, SSN and telephone number (to include spelling) as well as dates of birth for parents.

What is the Department of Defense policy concerning mortuary affairs?

The program provides for the search, recovery and evacuation of human remains; interment and disinterment of remains; care and disposition of missing and deceased personnel and the handling of their personal effects; the identification and forensic pathology investigations of deaths; mortuary services at the local …

Does VA pay for autopsy?

This final rule updates the cross-references in § 17.170 to allow VA to order an autopsy of an individual who dies while receiving fee-basis care under § 17.52 and to pay the expense of transporting the body for purposes of performing the autopsy.

How does the Marines notify family of death?

In the case of a death or serious injury, the Primary Next of Kin (PNOK) will be notified, by a uniformed service member, within 24 hours of the accident. These service members are called Casualty Assistance Calls Officers (CACO). Notification will only be made between the hours of 0500 and 0000 (5am – midnight).

Who appoints a Caco?

The Command appoints the CACO. 5) CACO Support Person Identified – The CACO NEVER goes to the PNOK alone. The DAO locates a second person to go with the CACO to make the notification. Preferably, this is a Military Chaplain.

What Caco notifications are made in person?

In-person notifications will be made in the Service “A” uniform between the hours of 0500 and 2400, unless otherwise directed.

How are families notified of a soldier’s death?

The Military of the United States withholds the name of a deceased member until 24 hours after the family has been notified. It is the U.S.Army policy to make personal notification to the primary next of kin and secondary next of kin of the deceased soldier within four hours after learning of the death.

How many primary next of kin can a Marine have?

Designated individuals must be made by the Marine, or in the event of incapacitation, by the medical authority to “aid in the recovery and for the morale of the Marine.” No more than 3 designated individuals may be provided entitlements within a 60 day period at government’s expense.

How do I get a DD Form 1300?

Q: How do I request a copy of my Sailor’s DD Form 1300? If you are not listed as an Interested Person on the DD Form 1300, please include documentation of your relationship to the Sailor. Requests may be sent to LTAP via fax to (901) 874-6654 or email to [email protected]

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