What animal was on the old Irish pound?

What animal was on the old Irish pound?

On 20 June 1990, Ireland issued its first pound coin. This was issued to replace the £1 note and was designed by Thomas Ryan. In keeping with the original Metcalf animal motifs, the red deer, which is native to Ireland, was chosen for the design of the £1 coin.

What is the rarest 20p piece?

One of the rarest 20p coins in the UK has sold for £90 on eBay and there are many more still in circulation. The undated 20p became the first coin in over 300 years to enter circulation without a date and it’s estimated by The Royal Mint that no more than 250,000 coins made it into circulation.

What animals are on Irish coins?

A committee of artists – chaired by none other than WB Yeats – settled on the theme of featuring traditional Irish animals for the coins, to include among others, the wolfhound, salmon and bull.

How much is the Australian Platypus coin worth?

These coins are now sold for over $200, depending on condition. Other varieties of the reverse face generally involve the length and number of the claws of the platypus.

What coin has a harp on it?

Irish euro design All Irish euro coins bear the same design on their obverse side: a Celtic harp based on the Trinity College Harp, flanked to the left and right by the word “ÉIRE” (Irish for Ireland) and the year the coin was struck, written in Gaelic type.

What year did the punt come in?

While the punt is as Irish as poit∅n, it was actually the English who adopted it as a name for the Irish currency when it was introduced in 1928. Having learnt the Irish word for pound, waggish stockbrokers in London were heard liking the fledgling currency to a flat-bottomed boat that had a tendency to capsize.

Is my 20p worth anything?

Unlike 50p and 10p coins, the 20p design has remained almost the same since it was first minted back in 1982, making only a handful of them actually valuable to a collector. The 20p coins that are worth the most are “mule” ones which have been minted with inaccuracies on them by mistake.

What is the error on the 1982 20p coin?

The coin was rare because between 1971 and 1981, all 2p coins had the words “New Pence” inscribed on them, but in 1982, the Royal Mint decided to amend this to say “Two Pence” instead.

When did Ireland stop using pence?

When the British government decided to decimalise its currency, the Irish government followed suit. The Decimal Currency Act 1969 redefined the number of pence in the Irish pound from 240 to 100, with the penny symbol changing from “d” to “p”.

Which Australian coin has a platypus on it?

Twenty Cents

Design Details Year
No twenty cent coins were produced in 1986 or 1987 1986 1987
1988 An impression of a platypus designed and sculpted by Stuart Devlin 1988
No twenty cent coins were produced in 1989 – 1993 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993
1994 An impression of a platypus designed and sculpted by Stuart Devlin 1994

Are 1966 Australian coins worth anything?

1966 wavy baseline 20 cent coin On most Australian 20 cent coins, the base of the number two is a straight line. One of the coins is selling on eBay for $300, with members in a coin collecting Facebook group saying the same coin could go for up to $800.

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