What American snacks can you not get in Canada?

What American snacks can you not get in Canada?


  • Mounds.
  • Almond Joy.
  • Mars bar with the almonds in it (Canadian Mars bars are more like a Milky Way)
  • and so, technically, Milky Way.
  • a number of those candies you only ever saw in cheap Halloween mixes (Chik-O-Stik and so on)
  • a number of breakfast cereals (Fruity Pebbles, etc)
  • pimiento cheese spread.
  • What snacks can you only get in America?

    Made in the USA: Peanut butter, Pop-Tarts are among products popular primarily in America

    • Mountain Dew. Fans of this caffeinated, citrus-flavored soda might wonder why it’s not popular outside America.
    • Peanut butter.
    • Girl Scout cookies.
    • American cheese.
    • Southern-style biscuits.
    • Cheez-Its.
    • Frank’s Red Hot.
    • Easy Cheese.

    What food does America have that Canada doesn t?

    Peanut Butter Cheerios. Sure, America has Multi Grain Cheerios Peanut Butter, but Canada has straight-up peanut butter in regular Cheerios.

  • Ruffles All Dressed potato chips.
  • Fruitopia Apple & Pineapple.
  • What snacks can you only get in Canada?

    The Top 10 Uniquely Canadian Snack Foods

    • Jos Louis snack cakes.
    • Hickory Sticks.
    • Thrills Gum.
    • Dare Maple Leaf cookies.
    • Lay’s Ketchup Chips.
    • Coffee Crisp chocolate bar.
    • Ruffles All Dressed chips.
    • Crispy Crunch.

    Are Airheads Only in America?

    Sold in both the US and Canada, Warheads are some of the most sour candies out there! These extremely tart treats are available in a variety of flavors, including grape, cherry, raspberry, apple, lemon, and watermelon. Lovers of this sour treat even love challenging their family and friends to eat as many as they can.

    Is Kit Kat Canadian?

    Have a Break with a Kit Kat Canadian Kit Kat Bars are made by Nestle Canada at their Toronto Chocolate Factory using natural flavours and 100% UTZ certified chocolate. Kit Kat is also made with Cocoa Plan cocoa. The Nestle Canada Kit Kat Bar is superior to the Hershey’s Kit Kat made in the USA.

    Can I bring fruit from USA to Canada?

    Importing a single piece of fruit or meat into Canada can be harmful to our ecosystems. Various food, plant and animal products are restricted or prohibited entry because they can harbour invasive species, foreign animal diseases and plant pests. Many different kinds of items can introduce foreign threats into Canada.

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