Key Advice to Write an Argumentative Essay

A lot of students every year face some difficulties with the written assignment. Sometimes it can be very tough and takes a lot of time. The reasons for the difficulties are quite various. One of the main of them is that every written task has its own structure that must be followed. The knowledge of writing an argumentative essay can lead to a successful education and getting high results in academic studies.

Plan of writing an essay

As it has been mentioned, every written task has its own structure, and an argumentative essay is not an exception. There are usually 5 paragraphs in the essay of this kind. It starts with the introduction, as usual, then come two or three paragraphs of the main part, and it winds out with the conclusion.

  1. Introduction. It is the main part of your writing. This part of an essay should get the attention of readers. It should be interesting and easy to catch. In this part, you should also give some information on the topic, but not to mix it with the arguments from the main part. As it is an argumentative essay, the last sentence of the introductory part must state the argument which you will be dwell on in the main part.
  2. The main part. In this part there are also some key points that should be noted. You should start the main part with the sentence that focuses on the topic, and it should be logically tied with the previous part. Then state a sub-argument. Its aim is to emphasize your message to the reader. Remember that your arguments should base on facts whether it can be statistics or real facts. Finish your main part with a kind of summing up to note the significance of the argument.
  3. Conclusion. In the final part of your writing, you should use some methods to complete it accurately. First of all, you should state your message once again to emphasize the importance of it. Then give a short summing up of all you have written, and finish your writing with a strong emphatic sentence that should arise the readers’ interest to further investigation.

Practical advice of writing

  • Choose the topic that is the closest to you.
  • Collect the information for both sides: arguments and counter-arguments.
  • Check the collected information. It must be exact and accurate.
  • Follow the structure. It should consist of three parts.
  • Make a plan for how to use all the gathered information.
  • Write it with your own words, don’t copy the essays from different sources word by word.
  • Don’t reflect your own opinion, because it is not that type of writing where it is needed.
  • Use argumentative essay help if you have problems. Efficient assistance will be of great help.
  • Check your writing on mistakes.

Final tips to make it right

Before writing an argumentative essay there are some points that can lighten it. Before starting to write you need hard brainstorming and accurate topic selection. Brainstorming will help you organize the information in a logical way, and the accurate topic will be interesting to reveal.

One of the most important keys to success is good and precise information. Even if the topic is far from your understanding, there are piles of information. Use the Internet, encyclopedias, reference books and etc.

You can split your writing into two parts. After collecting information make a short plan of what you are going to write. Take some sheets of paper and put it down, then you can make a break to let your mind have a rest. A cup of coffee lightens your tension. After coming back to your essay read it once again. If you have some ideas to add, put it inside. The next day take again your writing and read it with a watchful eye. Check logical connection, mistakes and general structure. Then you can rewrite it. So, these are keyframes of writing a good argumentative essay.

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