Is yerin Baek popular?

Is yerin Baek popular?

Baek was awarded Top 10 artist and Best R&B/Soul for her track “Square (2017)” at the 12th Melon Music Awards in 2020, as well as Best Pop Album for Every letter I sent you. at the 2021 Korean Music Awards. In February 2020, her first solo concert, “Turn on that Blue Vinyl”, was a success.

Is yerin Baek American?

Yerin Baek (백예린) is a South Korean solo singer and a member of The Volunteers under her own label Blue Vinyl. She debuted as a singer in a duo 15& with the single I Dream in 2012 and as a solo artist with her first mini-album Frank on November 30, 2015. Yerin Baek Facts: – She was born in Daejeon, South Korea.

What genre is Baek yerin?

Baek Yerin/Genres

Where is Baek yerin from?

Daejeon, South Korea
Baek Yerin/Place of birth

How old is yerin?

24 years (June 26, 1997)
Baek Yerin/Age

What company is yerin Baek under?

Blue Vinyl
JYP Entertainment
Baek Yerin/Record labels

Why is GFriend disbanded?

A day before the announcement, (May 17) news agency TENASIA reported that GFriend may possibly disband, due to failed contract negotiations. A Twitter user further uploaded a clip from GFriend’s Sowon and Yuju, who held a live stream on May 13, 2021.

Is yerin Baek still in JYP?

15&’s Baek Yerin shared the news that she’ll be leaving JYP Entertainment after 12 years with the agency and starting her own independent label. Sadly, my contract with JYP is ending as of September 14. I have worked hard while at JYP for the long time of 12 years, ever since I was in elementary school.

Does GFriend belong to Bighit?

2020–2021: The “回” series and disbandment On February 3, 2020, GFriend released their eighth EP, 回:Labyrinth, with the lead single “Crossroads”. This marked the group’s first Korean comeback after the acquisition of Source Music by Big Hit Entertainment in 2019.

What will GFriend do after disbanding?

Their disbandment in May came as a surprise. The news of the new trio confirms Gfriend members’ plans moving beyond Source Music, following the news that Yerin, Sowon and Yuju each had signed individually with other Korean entertainment companies to pursue solo careers as singers and actors.

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