Is West Lake Street Chicago Safe?

Is West Lake Street Chicago Safe?

Of the city’s 873 Census tracts, the “W. Lake St.” neighborhood tied for 417th for overall crime, with a total of 324 crimes reported in the past year. The report said the neighborhood presented a 1 in 11 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

Is Lakeview a safe area in Chicago?

Public Safety The West Lakeview area is generally safe, though affected by crime as any densely-populated neighborhood in any major city would be. Most crimes are non-violent, mostly property crimes and robberies.

Where should I live in Lakeview Chicago?

Wicker Park, Bucktown and Ukrainian Village are popular with younger renters seeking lower rents, more recently rehabbed apartments and a hipper, edgier scene. Ravenswood, Lincoln Square, Roscoe Village, Buena Park and Andersonville are also alternatives that many would-be Lake View residents consider.

Is Bridgeport Chicago safe?

Safety in Bridgeport, Chicago The Bridgeport Chicago neighborhood ranks safer than 45 percent of neighborhoods in the United States. Roughly 4 violent crimes occur annually per 1,000 residents, less than half that of Chicago overall.

Is Wrigleyville Chicago Safe?

Wrigleyville is a wonderful area with plenty of restaurants, activites, and fun. It is very safe, and everyone is extremely kind. There are lots of train and bus lines that make it easy to get around; no need for a car! It’s a joy to be so close to Wrigley Field and always have the excitement of baseball around!

Is Lakeview Chicago Expensive?

CHICAGO, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lake View, located on Chicago’s North Side, is the priciest neighborhood in the city based on cost of lodging, according to a recent survey conducted by

Is Lakeview East a good neighborhood?

Lakeview East is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Chicago, close to the water and even closer to all of the best nightlife, trendy boutiques, and happenings.

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