Is VW discontinuing the Touran?

Is VW discontinuing the Touran?

The Touran is expected to be dropped after the current model reaches the end of its lifecycle in the next couple of years. The slightly larger Sharan is already set to be axed at the end of 2020.

How reliable is VW Touran?

Is a used Volkswagen Touran MPV reliable? Volkswagen as a brand has struggled of late in our reliability surveys. Our most recent one put it in 22nd place out of 32 manufacturers. However, the Touran has a good record, despite its long life and many incarnations.

When did they stop making the Toyota Verso?

Production stopped in October 2017, but sales continued online until far more recently. The Verso disappeared from Toyota’s UK website in recent weeks and sales will end all over Europe as the model officially finishes production.

Does a Toyota Verso have a timing belt?

The 10,000 mile service intervals aren’t as long as alternatives from Ford or Renault for instance, but Toyota servicing is reasonably priced and its dealers have a well-deserved reputation for quality. All Verso engines use a maintenance-free timing chain and the oil filters are cheaper than before.

What engine is in Toyota Verso?

Toyota Verso

Toyota Verso (AR20)
Engine Petrol: 1.6 L 1ZR-FE I4 1.6 L 1ZR-FAE I4 1.8 L 2ZR-FE I4 1.8 L 2ZR-FAE I4 Diesel: 1.6 L 1WW I4 turbo 2.0 L 1AD-FTV I4 turbo 2.2 L 2AD-FTV I4 turbo 2.2 L 2AD-FHV I4 turbo
Transmission 6-speed manual CVT
Wheelbase 2,780 mm (109.4 in)

What replaced the Touran?

Volkswagen ID Buzz
Volkswagen ID Buzz to be new-age Touran. The electric ID Buzz ‘Microbus’, due in 2022, will indirectly replace the Touran and reinvigorate the MPV segment through ’emotional’ design, according to Volkswagen’s board member for R&D, Frank Welsch.

Where is the VW Touran made?

VW has started production of the all-new Touran MPV at its main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Which Touran engine is best?

The Volkswagen Touran’s 1.6-litre diesel is the best all-round engine – it’s just about quick enough and cheap to run. Go for the punchy 2.0-litre diesel if you’ll do a lot of fast motorway driving, or the cheap-to-buy 1.2-litre petrol if you’ll use your Touran mostly for short town journeys.

How long do VW Touran last?

They last between 15,000 to 20,000 miles on the front, and up to 40,000 at the rear, and the tally of tyres thus far in the car’s life is 66. The Touran has done better than Rich’s last car, a Volkswagen Sharan, which clocked up 423,000 miles before a blown engine sent it to the scrapyard.

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