Is Treasure Island Florida worth visiting?

Is Treasure Island Florida worth visiting?

Treasure Island, located along the Gulf of Mexico, boasts white sandy beaches, pristine waters, welcoming hotels, unique restaurants and family-friendly attractions make it the perfect destination for your next vacation.

Does Treasure Island beach have clear water?

Treasure Island is not a flashy place with beachside bars, lots of t-shirt shops and roller coasters. It’s a wide beach with nice white sand and clear water.

Is Treasure Island beach crowded?

Additionally, less than 7,000 people call Treasure Island home. That means our beaches are generally less crowded than elsewhere in The Sunshine State.

What is Treasure Island known for?

The city’s location on a barrier island along the Gulf Coast creates the environment Treasure Island is most well-known for – long, white, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Along these beaches are many bistros, cafes, and little shops.

How safe is Treasure Island?

The rate of crime in Treasure Island is 29.71 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Treasure Island generally consider the north part of the city to be the safest.

Is Treasure Island beach Family Friendly?

The main Florida family beach on Treasure Island, where everyone goes to enjoy the white sand, family friendly amenities and fun in the sun. Treasure Island Municipal Beach Playground is a kid friendly park located at Gulf Blvd & 112th Ave. B, Treasure Island, FL 33706, ph. (727) 360-3278.

How long is the Treasure Island boardwalk?

5/10 mile
At the southern end of Treasure Island, in Sunset Beach, is a 5/10 mile boardwalk which encirles the tip of the island.

Is St Pete Beach better than Treasure Island?

Pete Beach is more fun and is more upscale. Treasure Island is very laid back. If your looking for a resort type atmosphere then SPB is for you. If you are looking for a laid back beach town then T I is the place.

Are there sharks in Treasure Island Florida?

There have been 6 shark attacks on the Treasure Coast this year, including the one Sunday. A shark expert at Florida Atlantic University says normally, there would be a couple of shark attacks on the Treasure Coast in a year, but to have 6 is unusual.

Why is Florida called Treasure Island?

The area of Treasure Island was originally settled in small communities by the Tocobaga around 300 CE. After claiming the chests were filled with treasure, the news of the discovery quickly spread and people began calling the island Treasure Island.

Is Treasure Island Florida good for families?

One of our top places to visit in the gulf-coast area is Treasure Island. This family-friendly location is packed with tons of activities and miles of gorgeous beaches – exactly what we go to Florida for! This is a great spot for families with children of all ages.

Is Treasure Island still a Navy base?

Treasure Island is now part of District 6 of the City and County of San Francisco, though it is still owned by the Navy. In 1993, the naval station was selected for closure, and Navy operations ended there in 1997.

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