Is Toyota Aygo a reliable car?

Is Toyota Aygo a reliable car?

The Aygo shares the top spot with the Skoda Citigo in the value and small car category of our reliability survey. It scored a perfect 100%, with owners reporting no faults at all in cars up to three years old. Toyota as a brand always finishes highly in reliability and customer satisfaction surveys.

Does the Aygo have a Toyota engine?

Toyota Aygo engines and performance With its small, 1.0-litre petrol engine, the performance of the Toyota Aygo is never going to be scintillating. Toyota has steered away from recent trends meaning the Aygo’s 72hp, three-cylinder engine isn’t turbocharged, hence the low power output.

Who makes the engine for Toyota Aygo?

It is built alongside the related Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107/108 at the Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech (TPCA) joint venture in Kolín, Czech Republic….Second generation (AB40; 2014)

Second generation (AB40)
Engine 1.0 L 1KR-FE I3 (petrol) (2014-2018) 1.0 L 1KR-B52 I3 (petrol) (2018-2021)

Does an Aygo have a Cambelt?

The petrol engine is chain-driven, so there’s no cambelt to change.

Is Toyota Aygo good on motorway?

Driving. The new AYGO has always been known for its plucky character, and this new car is no different. At lower speeds the smooth power steering and tight turning circle make urban driving a doddle, while the car’s ride quality is excellent on the motorway or on bumpy B-roads.

How powerful is a Toyota Aygo?

The Aygo’s 71bhp is developed at 6,000rpm, and 93Nm of peak torque is delivered at 4,300rpm. The official performance figures show that the extra power is worthwhile, with the Aygo managing 0-62mph in 13.8 seconds, a whole four-tenths of a second faster than the previous generation car. Maximum speed is 99mph.

How many miles can a Toyota Aygo last?

100,000 mileage
The Toyota Aygo comes with a five-year warranty – and a 100,000 mileage limit – that will bring valuable piece of mind to anyone considering holding onto their car for a while. The offer beats the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 by two years, in spite of the fact they’re built in the same plant.

Does the Toyota Aygo have a timing chain?

Can you help? This engine uses a timing chain. It should last the life of the car (as long as the oil is kept clean and changed every 12,000 miles or 12 months).

Is Toyota Aygo 2008 a good car?

The Aygo drives and handles reasonably well, as long as you don’t push it too hard when cornering. The ride is firm, but it shouldn’t upset occupants too much. Toyota’s tiny Aygo is definitely at its best in the city, where its compact dimensions and perky engines make it ideal for zipping through crowded streets.

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