Is toile fabric out of style?

Is toile fabric out of style?

Perhaps historically considered an old-fashioned fabric found in stuffy, traditional homes, toile is enjoying a modern revival — and turning heads.

What is toile print fabric?

Toile de Jouy was a specific type of linen printed with romantic, pastoral patterns in a single color—usually black, blue, or red—on an unbleached fabric. Although the word toile means fabric, the word toile has evolved to also refer to the original design aesthetic of the fabric.

What is toile upholstery fabric?

Toile Fabric | Upholstery, Drapery & Curtain Fabric. Toile, a French word meaning linen cloth or canvas entered the English language in the 12th century. Toile can refer to the fabric itself or a printed design generally of a pastoral theme depicting rural life.

What is cotton toile?

Toile de Jouy is an antique fabric made of cotton, with repeated patterns of hunting scenes, rural landscapes, mythological characters, fauna and flora. It’s printed in a single color – usually blue, green, purple, gray or red. Toile de Jouy fabric was originally produced in Ireland in the eighteenth century.

Is toile still popular?

Toile has yet to quite make its way back in the mainstream after a nearly 20-year decline in popularity, but don’t be too surprised if it starts popping up again, perhaps at first in the form of whimsical wallpapers and throws at Anthropologie, and maybe later in vintage-inspired accents at Zara Home.

Is toile making a comeback?

If your style leans more grandmillennial than mid-century modern, you’ll probably be happy to know that toile, the textile and wall covering pattern know for its depiction of pastoral life, is also enjoying a comeback 2020. The trick lies in how you style toile with other design elements.

What is the purpose of toile?

Referring to our post “How Much Does A Sample Cost?” A toiles function is to see what the pattern looks like and how the garment fits on the body. Some of the big fashion houses will re-toile the same garments multiple times just so that they can get the right shape and fit.

What does toile look like?

Printed on white or off-white canvas or linen, toile often depicted a detailed pastoral scene, floral arrangements, and other images inspired by nature. The pattern was usually printed in a single color, like black, red, or blue, but brighter colors, like green or magenta, could occasionally be found.

What looks good with toile?

Although toile prints come in many colors, the soothing tones of blue toile print on a white or cream background finds favor with many decorators.

  • Rooms of Blue. The classic look of blue and white toile fabric lends a nod toward coastal or cottage color schemes.
  • Walls of White.
  • Earthy Browns.
  • Gradient Grays.

What is French country toile?

Traditionally, toile de Jouy is a decorative pattern that features a repeated pastoral scene – such as a flower motif or a couple picnicking by a lake – printed in a single color (usually blue, black or red) on a white background.

What is toile de Jouy fabric?

toile de Jouy, (French: “fabric of Jouy”, ) also called Jouy Print, cotton or linen printed with designs of landscapes and figures for which the 18th-century factory of Jouy-en-Josas, near Versailles, Fr., was famous.

How do you pronounce toile fabric?

Toile is also known as Toile du Jouy. This is pronounced twäl-də-‘zhwē and is translated as “cloth of Jouy” after the city in France where the fabric was manufactured.

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