Is there an English version of Ensemble stars?

Is there an English version of Ensemble stars?

Ensemble Stars!!Music Begins the Pre-registration for English Version. As the award winner of “User’s Choice Game of 2021” and “Best Pick Up & Play” of Google Play , Ensemble Stars! Music launched the first English release, which takes this highly acclaimed game to the next level.

How do I get training tickets for Enstars?

Training Ticket Item drop from lives and work, received when a scouted card has already been fully limit broken.

What happened to ensemble stars?

On March 15, 2020, Ensemble Stars! was relaunched and was split into two separate games: Basic, the original game; and Music, a brand new rhythm game; both games offered different gameplay but contained the same events, storylines, and items.

How do I buy Enstars dia?

The best way to buy dia is either to get a Japanese Play Store card which will be in JPY or use Visa/Debit card directly… That or link the cards with your Paypal and use it…

How do you get the ensemble Star game?

How to Download the Game:

  1. Download QooApp on your Android phone.
  2. Open the app and find the Ensemble Stars game icon or look for it from the seach bar (you can type “Ensemble Stars” in English on QooApp):
  3. Click on it and click the Download button.

Are ensemble stars good?

The story is good but doesn’t have much to it, it’s normal. Ensemble Stars is not like any other idol’s anime, as it focus mainly on some characters’ stories, and sometimes a group of characters together, rather than focusing on a definite. So my overall rating is 7, fairly Good.

How does Enstars basic work?

Work is a feature that allows you to level up cards, gain fans, and collect the following items: Stat Pieces, Growth Tickets, Square Scout Tickets, and ES Coins. Currently, you can manage up to 2 cards at once, for a maximum time of 8 hours each. Note that you cannot use cards of the same character in both slots.

How do you level up in Enstars?

Leveling Up(レベルアップ): Leveling up a card outside of Lives is done by using Growth Tickets. There are three varieties: Small (copper), Medium (silver), and Large (gold). Leveling up a card causes the card’s ability values to increase, and unlocks different portions of the Idol Road.

Where does Ensemble Stars take place?

Yumenosaki Private Academy
Ensemble Stars! is the first installment of the series, spanning from the start of the school year in spring until graduation, ending with EP:Link. It covers the cast’s time in Yumenosaki Private Academy.

What is the war in Ensemble Stars?

The central conflict of the war hinges on Eichi Tenshouin, with the help of Tsumugi Aoba and Keito Hasumi, mobilizing ex-fine and the student body against the talented Five Eccentrics in order to cull weak and unmotivated students from Yumenosaki while allowing him to triumph over these five geniuses, whom he would …

How much are diamonds in Enstars?

A: Without any Scouting bonuses, it’s estimated to cost about 1,000 – 1,500 diamonds to reach the first copy of the event 5☆. Efficient event play, use of BP and a high score bonus can significantly lower that cost; it’s possible to spend only 700-900 diamonds by the end.

Does ensemble stars have an anime?

(あんさんぶるスターズ!, Ansanburu Sutāzu!?) is an anime adaptation produced by David Production.

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